Hello World! (For real)

Kisses!Well HELLO! Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

Ok, lets be honest, this is like my 2,482nd blog… I’m pretty positive I have an entire half of the internet now. But, irregardless of my current occupation of the world wide web, I felt the need to start a new one with a focus on my life now as a graduate, a working woman, and… yes… a crafter. (Cue cringing)

I cringe only because EVERYONE and their mothers uncles neighbors cats cousin has a craft blog. It’s like the New New York. You can’t go anywhere without seeing a craft blog and thanks to Pinterest, it has taken off like a bat out of hell.

But I’ve been talked into do one, not just about being crafty but about myself and my life as well. A few months ago I started a full-time position at my first “big girl” job. Like Donna Noble, I started out as a temp and have worked my way up to a full-time employee and with a shnazzy title. And while my job has consumed my life, I’ve still made time to stay crafty and social… at least I’ve tried. More recently, my crafty and career woman lifestyle have merged.

You have to share the wealth, ya know?

I have a fun project I want to share and will be doing it soon.

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