Weekly WHAT?! : The awesomeness of cupcake delivery

Ok. SO, I just found out recently that a cupcake truck stops off on our street weekly. … WHAT?! I had heard rumors, but I never knew it was true. (I’m pretty gullible and people love to revel at my expense.) It has become an office-wide event that now includes emails and even Paul Revering through cube-land. It is my favorite part of the work week, truly.

My red-velvet cupcake in a “man-down” moment…

The first week I bought a delicious red-velvet cupcake with this AMAZING cream cheese frosting. I’m not even kidding, this frosting tasted like they literally took a block of cream cheese and tossed in some sugar… it was absolutely delectable. My second was a snicker-doodle (MY FAAAAAVORITE COOKIE) cupcake… again with the cream cheese. I died. I truly died. They had to drag me from my cube.

Todays cupcake… HEAVEN in a little bowl.

TODAYS cupcake is peanut butter, recommended to me by my co-worker Katie.

These aren’t just cupcakes, these are the moistest cupcakes I’ve ever tasted in my life. So much so they crumble and must come in a cup, but that makes them all the more amazing, believe me. I don’t know how she does it, but she DOES it.



So WHERE am I getting these little pieces of heaven?

She’s in the MD/DC metro area! So if you are as well, definitely check her out!

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