Current Obsession: Painting glass jars and bottles

You’ve seen this ALL over Pinterest right now: Painting Mason Jars, painting bottles, paint dipping glass jars, etc.

And can I just say I LOVE IT?

I mean, it’s not a revolutionary idea, but I’ve been pretty obsessive about painting jars, to the point that they are currently the only projects I’ve been working on or rather focusing on.

I attempted last week to do my own version of the “dipping” look. They didn’t turn out as amazing as the Pinterest tutorial I found from The Beauty Department. They also utilized spray painting rather than hand painting, which, gives it a much cleaner edge. But I’ve just decided that mine will now just be “Shabby Chic” so to speak.

I didn’t realize I had used the same colors until after I had completed these jars, whoops! I guess sub-consciously I really loved the color combo and that stuck with me! I’ve been very into the metallic and grey-gradient of colors lately, very monotone. But I think they are classic and modern, so thank you ladies for that inspiration!

These are continuous projects, will show final products soon!

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