Important Moments: I became a GrandBig!

This past spring, my Little sister became a Big sister in our sorority! I was so excited for her! My Grandlittle is amazing and loves Doctor Who. So I thought, “What would I give a Doctor Who-loving Grandlittle at Revelation (where the Little finds out who her Big is after a week of clues)?” WELL, a TARDIS picture frame of course!

Preparation for my task.

Frame? Check. Paint? Check Whibbly wobbly timey whimey? CHECK!

The base of the TARDIS is done!

Ta-da! FAN-TAST-IC! So obviously its been Phi-Mufied!

I also made a few plaques for my little Duchesses!

Closer look of the quatrefoil plaques… I’m kind of obsessed with initials.

My littles plaque

My Grandlittles plaque

And please look at the adorableness of my Little and Grandlittle at the impromptu revelation:

Why yes, that is Mew the pokemon on their shirts… my Little is so awesomely clever.

I love my lineage to pieces.

Ok, I promise I will stop sorority gushing.

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