Current Obsession: Painting a glass cotton ball jar


The obsession continues.

The meds are not working and I’ve decided to accept it’s a problem but go through with it anyway… much like most of my decisions as of late. Like spending $85 on craft items at Walmart the other day. I decided that yesterdays project was to utilize the on-sale glass paints from Michaels (Hurry before they’re gone!) I purchased a hand-full of. I painted the inside a fuschia and the outside a cerulean blue of polka-dotted swirls. You’ll find on future postings of my projects, I’m a little obsessed with swirls and polka-dots. (Please see the previous posted plaques).

The Cottonball Jar:

I painted the inside a fushia color first and then chose a cerulean blue for the polka dot swirls. This was the beginning of the bottom.

The beginning of the lid

Lid complete.

Continuing to paint the bottom.

Letting it dry! (With flash)

Behold the final product:

I was pretty pleased with it. 🙂

Well, as it is midnight where I am and I’m not used to staying up past 8, I think it’s time to finish “Finding Nemo” and go to sleep. Lets hope I don’t pull a Dory (as my niece has dubbed me) and forget where I put my bed.

OH, I also built a bookshelf today! It’s a tad whibbly-wobbly (timey-whimey) but, it also isn’t complete.

But score for me anyway!

Goodnight petals!

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