Crochet therapy: The only way to keep me from purchasing expensive items

Three things–potentially dangerous things–happened to me this weekend:

  1. I almost purchased a $350 Cricut machine. Now to be fair, I’ve been pining after this machine for AGES… so… there’s that.
  2. I almost bought a new $600 laptop because mine is dead. Well, first I almost bought a $250 10″ laptop but Dad talked me out of both.
  3. I almost adopted a baby kitten my brother and his girlfriend rescued from the street by their apartment.

Oh, and there was a severe thunderstorm in there somewhere.

At the time, all three sounded like really good ideas: I’ve wanted a Cricut, I NEED a new computer, and I yearn to nurture a small being.

So I decided to crochet instead. I started working on some different projects, one using a pattern by Sarah London for the Wool Eater Blanket.

I originally began making my niece a baby blanket before she was born. It was a gorgeous ombre of sherbert colors and the yarn was Italian costing a pretty penny. Well, the shop I was getting my yarn from closed down and I can’t find it anywhere! So the project has been put on hold and now four years later, I’m remaking my niece a blanket. I know she probably won’t appreciate it for a while, but doesn’t mean I don’t want her to have it. I love all the things my great-aunt made me, so I hope she is fond of these items as well.

The beginnings of my own Wool Eater blanket

I’m really loving this pattern and I’m always striving to try different and more advanced patterns. The yarn I’m using is a Simply Soft Caron white and multi-colored with a G hook. I originally was taught by the same great-aunt to crochet around the age of 10 and picked it up again in high school. Despite being a lefty, I crochet righty, I much prefer it. Probably because that was how I was taught. Over the years, many of my gifts have been crocheted: hats, scarves, baskets… ok mostly hats and scarves.

Some more of my crocheted pieces:

Hat with a brim for my nephew.

A hat I made for my friend Catie

A blue sea-shell scarf I made for myself.

A scarf I made for my brothers girlfriend, Lisa. I loved this scarf.

Below are some other pieces I’ve crocheted over the year and will be up for sale at my Etsy store in the near future:

“Gryffindor” inspired scarf, will be for sale.

“Slytherin” inspired scarf, will be for sale.

“Ravenclaw” inspired scarf, will be for sale.

“Hufflepuff” inspired scarf (OR UMBC), will be for sale.

“Pink goes good with green” scarf, will be for sale.

Gold beanie, will be for sale.

White beret, has buttons on the other side on brim, will be for sale.

YES, I do know I just posted Harry Potter inspired crafts. This is what I did before having a job: Sitting in Starbucks for 8 hours a day, crocheting, and watching Doctor Who. That is the reality. I’m sorry I’m not sorry. I am absolutely geek chic. I admit it. And it’s awesome.

Again, I hope you are all having a great Memorial day weekend! All I know, it’s back to the grind tomorrow!

P.S. I’m on Pottermore, feel free to add me: CauldronWild82 [/nerdalert]

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