That’s an idea!: Conserving your wax!

Hello Petals!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t stick with one thing for a long time at a given moment: hair styles, music, coffee flavors, nail polish… That is one thing I do know about myself, that I must keep variety. The same absolutely goes for smells as well.

About a year and a half ago my personal trainer gave me a wax warmer with a few different wax scents. They were the large Yankee Candle blocks of wax and smelled AMAZING. But like I said, I’m very quick to want to change my mind, hence, why I have not yet gotten a tattoo. I didn’t want to waste the wax and throw it out, I just wanted to change it! So I decided to conserve it by putting it in a plastic bag for later!

I’m sure someone else has already thought of this, but, I have to say I was pretty proud of myself that I could think of this idea. Let us hope it does not turn out like my last idea to place a whole bunch of storage bins together to create a bed… but that’s a whole ‘nother monster to tackle, which, we’ll save for another day.

Behold, my wax warmer! I suggest using a mason jar or other container for this. I first used just my hand in holding a bag but… bad things happened. Lesson learned!

Take a ziplock sandwich bag…

Place the baggie inside and wrap the edge around the mouth of the jar.

To keep the bag from slipping, screw the lid on slighly without the cover. Obviously, make sure the tea light inside is not lit, and carefully pour the hot wax into the baggie.


To make the wax breakable, I hung the bag of hot wax from my dresser and let it cool into a long, block of wax!

When it cools, it looks like this!

You can take it out and break it into smaller pieces to be warmed later!

See! Ready for the next melting!

I hope this was helpful if you were having the same frustration as me!

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