Craft and Wine Night – Frames

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart my brothers girlfriend, sister and I started a craft night tradition where every weekend we’d get together to do a different craft we saw on Pinterest while downing a bottle of Cupcake wine… or two. In the past couple months, we’ve all been über busy and haven’t been able to  do anything together craft-wise. After a most stressful week at work that was filled with tears, potential metal breakdowns, and lots of Riesling, I was excited to hear my sister was done with classes and was free to continue craft weekends!

We got together along with my best friend, Rachel, and our cousin, Courtney, to do a little girls craft night. We weren’t quite sure what craft we wanted to do, so decided on picture frames! And of course, divulging in a few other crafts as well.

Eventually, I will have to put up pictures of all of our fun crafts from Christmas, but for now, please enjoy a little tour through our craft night… sticky, mod-podge fingers and all:

Somehow, we always end up making my sisters kitchen table look like a disaster zone.

My niece decided to get in on the action with her own little picture frame!

Rachel was applying her scrapbook paper onto her picture frame. I found a great tip about using a roller to get the air bubbles out of mod-podge, luckily Michelle (my sister) had spare one from Pampered Chef!

I got down the first layer of paper on mine. I decided to do a pattern blocking design with some vintage wallpaper looking scrapbook piece.

Michelles first attempt at her frame… what a trooper she was with wrapping that ribbon 😛

Courtney recently got married and decided to make a monogram door hanger for her and her hubby!

Another non-frame craft: Rachel was finishing a picture she was drawing for her Momma!

I finished my first frame and started on a second!

Michelles second attempt; she gave up with the ribbon and decided to follow in the mod-podge scrapbooking suite!

Rachel and my completed frames! What do you think?! Don’t they look vintage-y? I was pretty pleased with the way it came out.

I finished my second: all blinged out!

Michelle was making progress!

Rachel and Courtney moved on to making jewelry.

I decided to make a little hair accessory as well… Like I said, this was a super array of crafts!

Courtneys frame, super cute right?! She did a fabulous job with the wrapping, I couldn’t get the hang of that.

This was the back of Courtneys door-hanger.

Annnnd the front of it!

The frames all displayed.

I was super pleased with it, thought I was debating about putting on a flower or something… but I think the simpler, the better, right?

Michelle FINALLY (*wink*) joined the club!

She just sent me a picture! Didn’t it turn out fabulous?!

The moral to the story, at least my story, is that crafting and wine always makes the worst weeks so much better. We have another craft night in a few weeks so I’ll be sure to share those! I’m super excited for what’s to come!

Peace, love and mod-podge!

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      • Shari says:

        Good! I’ll be finishing the first draft of the fourth one next week – so bittersweet, because these characters have become like family over two years and three novels. I’m going to miss them! No agent yet, but I’ve gotten some really promising feedback from a few of them, so fingers crossed!

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