Important Moments: My Graduation Anniversary

In light of the talk of graduations, I thought my 13th post (my second lucky number) would naturally fall on the 6th anniversary of my high school graduation. Yeah, that seems a bit excessive to discuss, don’t you think? Still, it’s hard to believe that six years ago, I was walking across that stage with my shnazzy red robe, receiving my diploma. I was lucky to be surrounded by my closest friends and family and even got to sing with two friends, “For Good” from Wicked as our graduation song. I remember very vividly the emotions surging through as I sang my bit, to the biggest audience I had performed for yet, and walking back to my seat to see my two best friends: Catie and Andrea, absolutely sobbing in their seats… it was then I started to lose it.

As a child, your whole life is wrapped up in school: elementary, middle, and high. These moments are so amazingly huge for you at the time and then all the sudden, without warning, it ends. You can choose to continue on with school, but it’s not a requirement, and your forced to decide: What now? Do you do the norm of diving right into college without a break and spend five years accruing massive amounts of loans? Or do you wait, take some time to enjoy your youth and work? The latter certainly pushes you into adulthood faster, but either way, the only worries of school work, what clothes to wear, and that show you’re thinking of auditioning for are now over. Now there are worries of money, housing, future, family, bills, etc looming in your future. And despite the scariness, it’s also quite exhilarating.

Now, that all ended six years ago, but at the same time it feels like yesterday. I tend to dwell on hardships and trouble and forget about all that I have accomplished in these six years as a person. I’ve grown tremendously. I’ve gained weight and lost a ton of weight… of course only to gain it back but lessons were learned. I worked as a researcher for four years and was on two publications before the age of 21. I attended and graduated college. I was in a variety of organizations. I joined a sorority. And now I have my first big-girl job.

It’s crazy to think about. I just need to remember just how blessed I am these days. Working on it, but it takes time.

So happy 6th Anniversary to the LHS class of 2006!


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