Weekend Catch-up: I got my hair-did

So I haven’t been very crafty this past weekend, though, I have bought a lot of things for crafting this weekend. In the words of Stan Sack on Hits1: “Hopefully, it’s a pay-day for you!” Yes, thank you Stan, Friday was a pay-day! How nice it is to see my bank account full and happy before paying bills and seeing it so terribly UNhappy.

That’s the worst.

But I treated myself to getting my hair highlighted for the summer: blonde to blonder! I don’t plan on sporting a bathing suit this summer, I’m not very happy with myself, but the one thing I can easily control is my hair and nails, so I did. I thought, since I have a big girl job now, it makes sense to up-keep at least SOME of my outward appearance.

Anyway, behold!

Top: Before; Bottom: After!

I even managed to snap a awkward picture while I was sitting getting my hair fried! 🙂

I had a lot of compliments on my nails too… no tape… just painted freely the diagonal tops!

And I feel it would be incomplete without some sort of craft in here, I thought I’d share with you my deep love for buttons. Loooooove me some buttons! So I decided to make a picture frame with them (a few weeks ago)! I wish I had the full completed picture with the ribbon… epic fail. But anyway:

The process to completion! Instead of using hot glue or super glue, I actually used glittery puffy paint! In the end I ended up painting the puffy paint all over the buttons before sealing the frame and fastened black glitter ribbon!

Hope you had a great and restful weekend!

ETA: Behold the finished product!


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