Weekly What?! Eggies Edition

Morning petals!

I’ve decided to start a new diet… well I’m hybridizing two diets: The Eat Clean Diet (which I’ve done and it works wonders) and The Dukan Diet. Now, one is about eating clean and not processed and the other is basically eating all the proteins I want, whenever I want them. We’ll see how this works out…

So last night I made up some chicken filets for the week and used different spices to avoid blandness throughout the week. I packaged them individually so I could easily grab and go in the morning… worked out well!

For Christmas, my mom bought me “Eggies” to make hard-boiled eggs without the mess of picking off the shell. Seems super brilliant, right?! It reminds me of a mixture between poaching and boiling them. SO, since I am in need of eating copious amounts of protein, I figured, “HEY, why not try these out after collecting dust for six months!”

They seem easy enough: clean the eggie containers, crack open the egg, pour the egg in the eggies, put them in a saucepan and bring them to a boil… badda bing!

So… I followed the directions and did that! It took forever for them to begin to cook though. The bottoms cooked but the tops did not. I decided to leave them in longer, however, one popped and the egg went from boiled to poached in about five seconds. Needless to say, there were no pictures because of my franticness of saving the rest of the eggs!

Then came try number zwei. This time, I used full eggs instead of just egg-whites. Again… fail-whale. The eggies kept popping and falling over in the pan from the water at even a soft boil. On top of that, the tops were NOT cooking and it was frustrating beyond belief.

In conclusion, this is a great idea, but an epic FAIL . Or maybe just operator trouble. Either way, I wasted seven eggs and half a roll of paper towels.

Did anyone else have luck?!

In my frustrations, I decided to take out my aggression of the failure on some mason jars and glitter:

I sprayed the inside with a clear adhesive spray, which, holds the glitter better when putting items in better than the mop and glow that I used for my glitter ornaments at Christmastime. I just tossed a whole bunch of glitter inside, spun it around a few times, and voila! Purple glitter vase! Need to change them out every so often in my cube at work!

Lastly, did anyone watch the premier of “Bunheads” last night?! I love Sutton Foster (huge Broadway nerd over heh!) so I was so excited she was on a new show. I thought it was really cute. It had a lot of funny, quirky lines from Michelle (Foster’s character) and I did NOT see that ending heading my way. It boggles my mind how I am already invested so much in a show and wanting her and Hubble to be happy with one episode, when my dreams are shattered in a matter of seconds.


Looking forward to next week! What did you all think?

Until then my dears!

3 thoughts on “Weekly What?! Eggies Edition

  1. Leslie says:

    I have used my Eggies several times and never had the problems you described. What I don’t like is the cleaning of all the parts after use! I seriously would use these ALL the time if someone else would wash them for me.

    • heyheyheatherk says:

      Really?! I think I might have to pick your brain and see how you did it! I still can’t figure out what I did wrong! And I totally don’t blame you on the cleaning bit, after half of mine exploded I just stuck them in a bowl with soapy hot water to clean and left them there for a few days… mostly out of frustration and not wanting to look at them, but they have so many little parts! I could barely keep up with them all!

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