Craft and Wine Night: Monogram Pillows

“Button, button, who’s got the button?”

So, I’m not the only one a fan of buttons in my family, turns out, so is everyone else and their mother. What can I say, buttons are just fun! And the word itself is fun to say… at least to me.

This weekend we gathered at my sisters house to make pillows with button monograms! Another obsession of mine is the letter H, I’m sure you can understand why. So while everyone else was doing last names, I of course, buttonized my pillow with my beloved first initial.

To make the pillows, we used Heat’N’Bond to “sew” the fabric together. I was far too lazy to legitimately sew the whole thing, so that was my next best option. And it worked out pretty well! We used clear tacky glue for the buttons and Lisa decided she would sew them for added protection. She’s a trooper, that one.

Eventually we branched out of the buttons and added a little bit of bows and some florals to the party!

I can’t wait to display these when I get my apartment! It is going to be a home-made mess of awesome, that apartment is.

Top Left: We used the Heating Bond to “sew” our pillows together, the heck with sewing! Ok, no, sewing is fabulous, we only had one sewing machine and four women. That would have gotten complicated.
Top Center: We used the computer to print out stencils of the letters we wanted and traced them on the fabric with a pencil. I wanted mine to be a little bolder, so I went ahead and cut a bit of a border around the letter itself.
Top Right: I started to layout my buttons for the H and sized them up as I went. I chose green to go with the green of the leaves in the pattern of the fabric.
Bottom: The H was completed! I went along, using clear tacky glue on each one. Having left a space in my pillow for stuffing purposes, I put a piece of wax paper in between the fabric to keep it from gluing through. That would have been a mess!

My second pillow
Top Left: Again, using the Heat N Bond, I decided to add a bunched bow on the front of the floral fabric.
Top Right: After ironing the fabric to the pillowcase, I began to bunch the fabric in the middle. I ended up hand sewing the fabric together.
Bottom Left: I took some remaining fabric and wrapped it around the bunching.
Bottom Right: To finish off the look, I added a vintage-y looking button!

Top Left: Courtney recently got married and made an S for their place! I thought it turned out really cute!
Top Right: Lisa made one for a friend who is getting married and new last initial will be H! (GOOD LETTER!) I loved the black against the grey and white fabric.
Bottom: Michelle my sister made a C having just gotten married! She used glitter puffy paint to put the buttons on so that when it dries there will be a glitter outline! I didn’t get to see the dry version but I can’t wait to see the finished product!

Courtney made a second pillow using something she saw on pinterest! She used tacky glue to attach the petals, I can’t wait to see what it looks like stuffed! Super cute, right?!

This is the pillow stuffed! Finally we got one stuffed! SUCCESS! I ended up sewing the hole at the bottom.

A close-up of the H! Michelle thought it was a Y! I realized she was looking at it upside down and it does! I now have a complex 😦

Hopefully I can gather pictures from everyone of their stuffed pillows and do a follow-up to show them off!

Next Craft and Wine night will be MASON JARS (as stated before). We can’t even bottle up our excitement for this night!

Till then my dears,

8 thoughts on “Craft and Wine Night: Monogram Pillows

    • heyheyheatherk says:

      My brothers girlfriend said her friend loved the pillow she had made for her wedding! It’s a cute way to help someone else start out decorating their living room or just add a little pizzaz to their already decorated living room!

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