Weekly What?! How did I not know about this store?!

If you have never seen this sketch, this is amazeballs and I command you to go RIGHT NOW and watch it: Harvard Sailing Team – Boys Will Be Girls

When talking about this, I feel really dumb. The Harvard Sailing Team skit “Boys will be girls” comes to mind always when I finally discover how amazing something is after everyone else has already figured it out.

“What, have you been living under a stupid rock?!”

Yeah, probably.

To be fair, I never got a chance to find out about the amazingness of these stores until after I started my job down towards DC.

So what am I talking about exactly? The Container Store.

If you have never been in this place, you are definitely missing out on some cosmic, mind-blowing event. No, not that type of event… well maybe. This is a fortress of organization and my inner craft-fiend went nuts. I saw so many options for my future craft room, childrens rooms, bedroom, closets… you name it, they had it.

I’m pretty sure they have “newbie” sensors that go off when it’s your first time in the store. I swear one went off as I walked through the door, sending all employees currently not occupied directly to me to show me around or explain to me their “design your own space” feature. I’ve worked in retail and understand why they do it, but that still annoys me. Despite it all, I humor them because I know it’s part of their job.

Anyway, I remember seeing this idea on Pinterest AGES ago: Using a spice rack to hold nail polish, paint, etc. GENIUS organizational tool. I’ve been looking for old fashion ones for the longest time and finally gave up after finding out how expensive they are at department stores and being too damn lazy to go searching yard-sales for them. (I have now roped my sister into looking for more when she goes yard-hopping.) Imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon white, wire spice racks for a semi-decent price! They immediately jumped into my hands. As did the following:

So I went a little crazy… and without direction, I got a mod-podge of stuff!

But the whole point of this is the fact that I finally found these spice racks! I feel like I should go back and get a few more , but they SO have come in handy!

Everything in the room is green and dark brown, so I think I might have to spray-paint them at some point to match the rest of the room. But they hold my paint, puffy paint, and nail polish perfectly! This idea is brilliant.

So, if you are looking for a way to store your paints, check this idea out! I also saw this one recently that looked really neat as well!

via twopeasinabucket.com

Organization for-the-win!

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