Happy Friday the 13th!

Ok. It is Friday the 13th. And for some reason, this has been labeled a “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.” Why, well that is a long post that I am not at a mind-set to discuss right now (mostly because I’m still working on my caffeine intake).

BUT, here is something good and happy about this day! FREE STARBUCKS DAY!


If you know me personally, you know I can not function (pretty much ever) without my daily intake of caffeinated crack. I’ve been switching back and forth between coffee and tea, but now, I have found a whole new monster to tackle: New Starbucks Refreshers.

Yeah. THESE.

Ok, so I was partially drawn in by the pink and green, after all those are my favorite colors. I’ve had both and I have to say I favor the Cool Lime over the Very Berry Hibiscus. Literally, I have had at least one a day since they came out…

And you thought I was joking.


Have a great weekend!






NOTE: I am not in any way affiliated or being paid by Starbucks, I am just a crack addict of theirs and like to bring joy to the masses.

PS: Follow me on Instagram at heyheyheatherk

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