That’s an Idea! – Button Flip-flops

I’m sure you have all seen this pin on Pinterest recently: Making your own decorative flip-flops!

Click on picture for link to post.

Anyway, I used to do this when I was younger, but obviously Pinterest was never around to share it so I was excited to pick it back up when I saw this tutorial. But sewing beads on seemed like an awful lot of work that I just didn’t have time for (as of right now, SWAMPED doesn’t even begin to cover it). SO I decided to give my spin on it, I bet you’d never be able to figure out what I used… ok, yes: I used buttons.

I went to Old Navy near my office when they were having their $1 flip-flop sale and bought four pairs, including a white pair. I knew they would never stay white and pristine as these flip-flops, so I decided to add a bit of hot-pink with the ribbon and buttons. It was a lot of trial and error with them, especially having wide feet. The one flip (or is it flop?) I didn’t break in so it was a little more difficult to wear as I tried to shove my foot inside and ruined the buttons a bit… oh well!

What do you think?

(Will add better pics when I get home)

I have bought a whole bunch of cheap flats to re-purpose also and have a list of ideas I’d like to do with them! So if you have some shoes you’re rather tired with and feel need an uplift, here is some inspiration to get your butt in gear and try it! πŸ™‚

To see these tutorials, click on the image to go to the pinterest page!

I’d love to see yours if you’ve already re-purposed some!

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