DIY Magnetic Chalkboard Sign

Hello dears. I stayed home from work today due to teefer issues (CURSE YOU BRACES) and a pretty awesome headache in tow. I was sitting here watching “Doctor Who” on BBCA, when I saw something I started on ages ago and finally decided to pick up and finish today. I started making this, probably around Christmastime (yeah, long time right?!) and it has just been sitting behind my TV in the craft room.

I’ve been thinking about how I was going to actually do so to make it look like I wanted: ruffles. I tried with ribbon and then with wired ribbon and I just couldn’t get the same effect I was looking for. So then I realized I had some extra fabric from when I made my pillow and have decided I wanted to go with that theme for a few “homey” items. With all my anxious energy, I decided it was best put towards cleaning and crafting. I feel absolutely awful that I’m away from the office today, but I’ve been even more anxious IN the office recently, so maybe it was best I was home.

Anyways, my project was to make a magnetic chalkboard sign from a cookie sheet. I think it turned out rather cute 🙂 Much like I had invisioned. It’s always nice when things go as planned, right?

Hope you enjoy!

I used a $1 cookie sheet from WalMart and spray-painted chalkboard paint on the front. I wish I had now down it on the back, making it easier to put on the ruffles. I digress. I glued pleated ruffles around the edges until it was completely covered. It took about six 8″ long strips of fabric. I didn’t worry about measuring or finishing the edges, I wanted it rustic looking.

I glued a white ribbon on the back of the cookie sheet to be able to hang it from the wall or door. I adorned it with a bow made from ribbon and a white button and then attached some magnets to the back of some larger buttons.

What do you think?!

The whole project cost me about $5 total: cookie sheet, fabric (Walmart $1), buttons (already had), chalkboard paint (already had), ribbon (already had), magnets (Walmart $3)… so not too bad, right?!

Feeling a bit better but craving bananas… to the store!

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