Current Obsession: Dip-tipped flats!

It’s all the fad right now, mostly of neon descent, but I love anything dipped lately: jars, strawberries, shoes, my spoon into our Nutella jar…

I saw a tutorial for doing your own DIY dip-tip and decided to try it on a few older pairs of ballet flats I own. But I didn’t want it to be a straight line… I don’t always follow the rules. I found a pair of scalloped scissors a few weeks ago and thought that would look super fun on a pair of DIY dipped flats!


It was super easy to do!

All I did was mix some acrylic paint and some puffy paint as the shoes have a fabric outing and sponged on a few coats until it looked solid. By the way, these flats are at Walmart for $5.oo…. THAT IS FIVE DOLLARS! Five whole dollars that you could spend on flats and decorate to match any outfit and forfeit that Starbucks iced coffee in which the barista keeps putting skim milk instead of soy… I’m not bitter or anything, but seriously, I asked for soy… because you don’t have almond… or coconut. There is a REASON I don’t drink milk, my dear, please stop screwing me over on this.

*deep sigh*

Anyways, using decorative scissors, you can do so many neat things with flats! I already have an idea for similar ones! Can’t wait to share with you when they’re done!

Making your own footwear is so much more fun than buying it! Like the flip-flops I made here!

My sisters party was Saturday so I have some fun photos of the awesome crafts we did!

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