Country Chic Party: Neon-colored Mason Chandelier

Last Saturday was the big party day for Michelle! After weeks of planning and preparation, it was a fabulously successful day but over far too quickly. Family from both sides came up from North Carolina, Virginia, etc to celebrate the couple and we partied in the humid Maryland air until we couldn’t anymore. And, boy was it hot!

I wanted to feature some items created for this shindig, starting off with the Neon-colored Mason Jar Chandelier.

Michelle found an old-school canners rack in her shed a few weeks ago and spray painted it with a thin coat of copper textured coating. Lisa and I split up the jars to do our jar staining: mod podge and some drops of food coloring. We decided since the other lawn ornaments back by the fire pit in yard were bright (flamingos, etc.) that we would do neon colored jars! Lisa made the blue, purple and pink jars while I made the orange, lime green and yellow jars! We did a couple of coats of the staining mixture on the outside and let it dry. Once dry we sealed it with clear spray sealer. Michelle tied up the rack into the tree and stuck some small candles down in there!

We migrated over to the fire pit later that night and had quite an adventure lighting a fire and lighting the candles! Curse these storms that pop-up out of nowhere! But we got it lit and it looked so neat!

After some gasoline and some tiki-torch oil, we finally got the fire started!

Can’t wait to share the rest with you! I have some incredibly crafty and creative people in my life, I love showing off their talents!

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