DIY Scrapbook Coasters

Hello pets! One more day to the weekend!

I was perusing the Walmart clearance section when I saw a bunch of potted plant coasters and thought, “Hm, these would be fun to decorate!”

I thought about painting the cork part, but the bottom was sliding around on the table, so I flipped it over and decided to decorate the bottom!

This is a super cheap craft that can totally enhance your coffee table or be a fun gift for someone else! The coasters were $0.80 each! That’s it! I used scrapbook paper I already own and some mod podge… And I love them!

Check it out!

After cutting out the circles, I used the bottom portion and slabbed a bunch of mod podge on!

I used the back of a paint bottle to even it out and get rid of any bubbles.

Then I covered the top of the paper with about 7 coats of mod podge and let dry at least a half hour in between.

I finished them off with a couple coats of spray sealer.


After letting them sit and dry for a few days, I was finally able to start using them! YAY! Can’t wait to display these on my coffee table. Apartment soon!

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