DIY “Are you my ‘mummy’?” Halloween Wreath

The fall is my absolute favorite time of year: Everything pumpkin, golden leaves, an excuse to wear sweatshirts and cardigans all the time… the list goes on. But my absolute favorite part is the crafts!

I have a lot of crafts half finished right now, but one I just finished, one that was quick and easy and may I say, is quite cute… I definitely wanted to share!

Last weekend, at our regular “Craft and Wine Night”, we were making holiday wreathes (Is that the plural of wreath? Oh well). I thought of an idea for one as I was leaving my sisters and knew I had to make one! Since it’s small, I decided this little gem is going to go on my cubicle at work! I already have another Halloween wreath in the works for our front door here at home. I will definitely share the others when I’m finished as well as all of the other crafts I’ve been working on! I’m also terribly behind in sharing our “Craft and Wine” night crafts! Perhaps I’ll be able to catch up tomorrow (YAY FOR WORK HOLIDAY! WOO!) since I don’t have work.

But anyway, back to the Mummy Wreath!

All kinds of goodies!

I decided to try spray-painting it first… and then I decided to just sponge paint it… the later worked better in case you decide to do it yourself.

Cheese cloth! Cheap and you get a lot! And look at all the neat things you can do with the leftovers!

See? The extra paint helped. I didn’t want it to look so neat, cause… it’s a mummy… I don’t think of neat when I think of mummies.

Begin the wrapping! I cut the pieces in half hot-dog wise and secured the cloth with glue and pins.

All wrapped! I had a piece left over and definitely wanted to make it really look “mummish” so I decided to do a little more wrapping…

I wrapped the remaining piece over the top and put in a fold to tuck the oogly eyes and then proceeded to wrap the end of the cloth around as if the mummy was coming unwrapped! Again, I secured everything with glue and pins!

I pinned a white ribbon to the top so I could hang it!

Ain’t he cute? 🙂

Happy Autumn! Happy Halloween… er… almost!

Night petals! Off to watch “Real Housewives” reunion…

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