More BOOtiful wreaths!

Happy Halloween Wreath

The other night at “Craft and Wine Night” we decided to make some holiday and autumn wreaths! Remember the “Mummy” wreath I made? This is what generated that idea! We even had some new additions to the craft and wine tradition.

I decided to use NOODLES! Yes, as in POOL NOODLES! I saw this idea last year and thought it was brilliant. Think of how cheap pool noodles are in comparison to foam wreath forms at craft stores, like Michael’s. I paid $1.00 for each noodle at the dollar store, Michael’s is charging $7.00 per foam wreath, and those are the small ones. I’d say that is a pretty good deal! These wreaths turn out to be a good size for a front door of a home. The Mummy wreath is great for an apartment or inside of a home, in a smaller area. I will tell you, I will absolutely be stocking up on noodles come next summer! I think I’ll make one for every occasion! They’re so fun to make! And they are not hard to cut, so easy to make them smaller!

I decided to use fabric and sew a noodle sleeve for mine instead of wrapping it with something. I loved the end look, but it was not an easy task! Each of us did something different! Behold them below! Not great pictures, I had had one too many Pumpkin Ciders and had a hard day beforehand… but I wanted to share them none-the-less.

Lisa wrapped hers with yarn and then glued handmade felt flowers and beads to it. I wish I had a close up shot of it, it was really cute! I think at this point of the night, my sister had stolen my phone 😉

Michelles is the top left (in progress) and Crystal finished her burlap one with burlap left over from her wedding just a few weekends ago! I LOVE the way hers turned out, I’m so jealous of it.

Isn’t it cute!? Michelles completed wreath, already on her front door!

So how did I use a noodle to make mine? Well, here we go!

I measured the length of the noodle and then some for some wiggle room. I then sewed the length of the sleeve with a little extra room so I could put it on the noodle.

I flipped it inside out. I probably should have flipped it rightside out as I was putting it on the noodle… it literally took an hour.

It also became very… obscene… AWWWWKWARD.

FINALLY! After an hour! Good lord that was obnoxious.

At C&W Night I wrapped some ribbon around and made a bow… not seen on here. At home, I decided to make a little letter banner for the front! Here is in-process of the “HAPPY” painting 😉

Getting some shine and cover!

In the center of the flower (in the middle of the bow) is a orange, glitter skull I bedazzled last night. Love that little guy!

I’m dying to know, have you all made any spooky and BOOtiful wreaths for the holiday?! If you haven’t, here are some more that I loved, check them out!

I love the idea of Christmas bulbs for a Halloween wreath! And the feather boa? Love!

I love the simplicity of this and the use of a frame! So cute!

Another BOOtiful wreath, love the ghost!

Orange burlap and cute damask bow! Click for more wreath examples!

Love the pumpkin wreath!

The lace is such an amazing idea.

Chevron and bats!

And more here!

Be sure to share yours!

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