Journey to the land of cake pops

Hello poppets. I hope you all had a fabulous Halloween!

Darth Dog does not tolerate your ineptness…

Halloween in the K household is always pretty festive. My almost 5 year old niece rolls with an entire posse… literally. There were 7 of us walking with her this year and we picked up more on the way. That girl totally rules the roost! My sister made her costume, which, I will totally share with you in an upcoming post.

I decided to be Briar Rose (Aurora/Pre-Sleeping Beauty) for Halloween at work and to take Zoe trick or treating. I used a lot of clothing I already had: an older black cardigan I cut the top off of and sewed some holes in to string through some black glitter ribbon, a light tan long sleeved shirt, black headband and made a black wrap around skirt to wear to tie the costume together. With my luck, I totally forgot to bring the shaw and basket, but I remembered the cake pops!

With the storm, I decided to spend my time crafting and baking (we were VERY lucky to keep power). I didn’t use a pan, instead, I used the old fashioned DIY method to make them…

DIY Cake Pops

The old fashioned way…

I started off baking a 13×9 yellow cake. I figured that was the safest bet since not everybody likes chocolate (which is a sacrilege, but I digress). After the cake was done baking and had cooled, I threw it in a big mixing bowl and mashed it up with a spoon, attempting to get the chunks as small as could be.

I then mixed in room-temp regular vanilla icing. For other cake pops, such as red-velvet, I suggest dying the icing first to match the cake batter. After it was all mixed, I covered the dough and threw it in the fridge for a few hours to let it set.

After a few hours, the mixture was firm enough to start rolling! I used a ice cream scoop to help me make the cake balls roughly the same size.

After rolling them (and washing my hands every few rolls as my hands were getting quite messy), I stuck them on parchment paper and threw them in the freezer for a few more hours to continue to firm.

SEE? Freezing! Please also note the mass amount of ice… what you don’t see is the five bags of ice to the right of these as Mom went into panic mode thanks to Sandy.

NOW, for the fun part! I had done these before but never knew the following trick! I found this blog post that assisted in how to make the icing creamier. I had made cake pops before but just straight up melted the chocolate and that was it… well, there is a bit more involved I found out. Using this trick helped a TON. The pop icing was SO much creamier (as much as I hated to admit it because I hate putting shortening in ANYTHING) and worked a ton better! All I can say is be careful of the temperature. At times I had melted it a little too long and it ended up getting really hot and would not cool fast enough. It was kind of a bummer.

Using the method from the blog post above, I also discovered the dipping the stick in icing first and THEN putting it into the cake pop… keeps the ball on the stick.

(This is starting to get to be one big “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID” post… I’m just saying.)

Above was pretty self explanatory. I set the pops to cool in the rack above to prep for more chocolate decorating!

The orange ones turned into pumpkins (and some pumpkin marshmallow pops were thrown in there too), the chocolate ones had cobwebs on them, and the white ones were a mixture of skeletons and ghosts… more skeletons because the ghosts just looked like I was bored. I added some red vanilla melt pieces and some yellow food dye to make the orange dip.

And of course, Mom and I had to taste test them… after all, I was going to be sharing these with coworkers.

Here they are ready for consuming!

So there you have it: cake pops. They’re so hot right now, I tell you, so hot… all the rage. And I have to say, they are a TON of fun to make, I really enjoyed them and so did my coworkers! Zoe was a little skeptical at first. She was unsure of how she was eating a piece of cake on a stick… but afterwards she found she liked it. 🙂

And thus ends (or almost ends) the Halloween posts for now. Until next year loves!

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