Da-da down with the sickness…

Ok, so I promised some more DIY posts, however… I have come down with the dreaded flu. Well, I’m actually on the tail end (WE PRAY) of being ill-sicko for the past week. Our Thanksgiving day feast last Saturday turned into me huddled in a corner, wrapped in a blanket, hacking up a lung while we all laughed and carried on. That night started the worst of it and continued into Sunday. By Sunday night I knew I had to go to the doctor because the DayQuil and NyQuil I had been taking really weren’t cutting it (and also were dramatically increasing my blood pressure according to the doctor).

Monday morning I went in and came out with a diagnosis, a 101.8 degree fever, a cough that was straining all the muscles in my neck and back, and a headache that could bring down even the Last Centurion. I sported off down the road to the CVS to get my prescription and was the epitome of “that” girl who questioned the pharmacist to assure me that the antibiotic I was about to take was not in any way related to Penicillin products…

After about a five minute conversation, she assured me: “Ma’am, you will not die from this antibiotic. It will do the same things the other will. It will not kill you.”

First off, I am hardly old enough to be called “Ma’am”, but I didn’t argue as I get called that at work on the regular. Secondly… I’m just checking, lady! I honestly already feel like death! I don’t want a mishap signing the death certificate!

So huddled in my comforter for the past five days, I stayed. Finally making my way out into the world today to have tea at Starbucks and hope I won’t infect all of my hometown.

That was the third phone call to the doctor: to assure me I wasn’t going to die or infect anyone else. Which, was too late because now my mother is bedridden with it.

ANYWAY, the whole point of this post is to apologize for slacking and sharing the “Glitter In The Air” Etsy Store!


I’ve had this darn thing up for a while, but haven’t put anything up for sale… well… I’ve had a little time on my hands and decided today that it needs to happen. I was playing around with GIMP on my new computer, as I was told this was the easiest thing to free Photoshop, to make my new little banner. By the way, it’s not that easy… it’s rather confusing. And the only reason I downloaded it was because my Photoshop is too outdated for my new computer… I… I can’t even talk about that right now.

Anyway! Remember that post I made way back when… well… it’s ready! Check it out! I’ll be adding a few more things within the next few days! I have also provided a link the right of my blog posts on my home page.

I hope you all stay healthy! Don’t get the sickness! It’s brutal.

Hugs and snuggles,


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