Happy December!

IMG_2789Can you believe it’s December already? It seems like the summer was just yesterday! I had intended to put up our new tree after our Thanksgiving feast, however, as you know I was down with the sickness. So we got to put it up yesterday! I have the scars to prove it! I only got as far as putting it together (wrong the first time, they don’t come with instructions anymore, just numbers… HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT?) and putting the ribbon around it before I called it quits for the night.

So today while watching “Christmas Vacation”, possibly my second favorite Christmas movie (after “White Christmas” of course)…

Ok wait. Before I go any further… WAS I THE ONLY ONE NOT AWARE OF THIS?


No, seriously, I feel like a super idiot for not knowing about this.

Anyway, I decided to add ornaments while watching this fabulous piece of american artwork and entertainment. I took a few pics of all the homemade ornaments I made this past year:


These are my favorite as was something my great aunt used to make, we had a blast making these last year.





A new one 🙂






Another new one: stained glass purple, dipped in mod podge and then glitter.


Well, it’s bed time for me! I went back to work today and so glad to be back! I was getting a little bit of cabin fever at home once I realized I had been stuck in the house for five days straight, so I was happy to be back in my home away from home.

I’m DYING to share our last “Craft and Wine Night”! It was a blast and we went to town! Hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday for that one!


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