DIY: Monogram Make-Up Brushes Pots


Hello lovelies, it’s been a while, eh? I wanted to share something I made a bit ago. I don’t know about you, but I have accumulated a lot of make-up and brushes. I’m also rather obsessed with my monogram. I needed something to hold all  my eye liners, brushes and mascara. When I came across a ton of clay planters pots of all different sizes I bought ages ago, I decided those would be perfect!

I must really like this color combo, or am channeling my friend Katie (close to her wedding colors), because I just put up a new cowl on my Etsy shop of the same color combo!


Anyway… here we go!



I used Martha Stewart Acrylic “Artichoke” for the outside and a metallic FolkArt Acrylic for the inside!


I tried to clean up the outside, rim and inside to make some clean lines. Next I put some polka-dots on too! You also know how I love my polka-dots! 🙂 I’m actually surprised I didn’t use buttons… but that’s a craft for another day 😉


On top of the lighter purple paint, I put some smaller polka-dots of the same metallic purple from the inside!


Now to dry for a few hours!


The polka-dots didn’t line up perfectly, so I adorned the misplaced dots with my monogram! In the same “Artichoke” color from the outside.


Close up shot.


After letting it dry for a few days, I sprayed it with some clear sealer to keep it from chipping.



I also started sticking my big hair clips in there… hence the stray blonde strands you see in the pictures. 😉 See, you can use these for anything!


You can use all different sizes for toothbrushes, for your kitchen sink utensils, a desk-top pencil/pen holder… really for anything! And these are perfect for the upcoming spring!

Post links if you used clay pots for some stellar organization in your home! I’d love to see!


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