Crafter, crocheter and now photographer?

Something I’ve learned while running an Etsy store is that your pictures tell the story. Your pictures need to accurately show the true nature of the items you sell. Mine? Were really not cutting it.

So, I talked my sister, brother and his girlfriend into being my models for a day! And for some reason, when I chose the date a week prior, I did not realize it would be hella cold and on and off snow showers all day. We did a lot of running in and out of the house to get warm and drink hot cocoa, but we did it and had fun! (I hope!)


I am in no way a professional photographer, not by any means. I’ve never taken classes (though would like to) and any education was from my 10th grade photography class which… lets be honest, was basically free hour.

Anyway, there are new items up on my Etsy shop! Go check them out! And check out my very amateur photog work. 😉 It was rather neat to have the snow for the shots!






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