DIY: Saving your blush or powder make-up


Saving your blush or compact make-up

Ok, is this not the worst thing to see when you open your bag? I was utterly depressed when I realized I had left my make-up bag in my gym bag and thus destroyed my compact blush.

This isn’t necessarily life shattering, after all the blush is only like $2.00 (c’mon, I’m slightly cheap in some forms of my make-up), it’s not like I’ve ruined my Coach bag. Still, it’s devastating when your blush is destroyed and you feel that sense of loss that you can never get it back…

Until you realize, you can.

Again, I could have just gone out to buy a new compact blush, but the principle of the matter is that there should be a way to save it! We all know the positive attributes to coconut oil, yes? And you know how much I love coconut oil, especially having used it to make the sugar scrubs from way-back-when. I thought, “Why not use some of that to put it all back together!” So, did it work?




I poured my sad, crumbled mess of a blush into a sandwich sized zip-lock bag and proceeded to clean out the top and bottom of the container.



I then crushed the blush to make it an uniformed color, which, I was sad to see the mosaic of blush and skin tones go, but there was no way I was going to make that work…


After crushing the mixture, I added a clump of coconut oil to the powder and squished it around it until it was thoroughly mixed.


I then poured it into the bottom container. Actually, I poured it into a cup first so it would be easier to pour into the bottom and not get all over my desk… that turned out to be a smart idea because it was a tad messy.


Using another plastic bag, I compacted the powder/coconut oil mixture until it was firm and solid in the container. Make sure the oil is completely mixed in, or else you’d have a few places that are sticky and don’t smooth… it’s not pretty, but it works!


Then I let the powder mixture sit and dry for a bit in the open.


There was still some ink from “NYC” on the top, so I attempted to use Acetone based nail-polish remover to take it off. Sadly, the top had a ton of scratches in it, so it didn’t really work so well and still looked a tad blurry.



So to gussy it back up, I used Sharpies and Paint Pens to decorate the top!




I used it this morning with a normal blush brush and it worked! Pretty, rosy cheeks with a hinted glow! Thanks coconut oil!

Another idea with this mixture is to add a little bit more coconut oil and maybe a tiny drop of extract. You can pour it in an old chapstick container, lip gloss jar or even back in and use a lip brush to make your very own lipstick! I tried this to and it also worked with what I used! You could also add a touch of very fine glitter for a shimmer effect on either your cheeks or lips, be careful not to add too much though!

You could also do some of the same with eye-shadow, because nothing is worse than finding that broken too! Using the coconut oil will soften your eyes and make the shadow last a little longer than it normally would.

Have you ever done anything to save your make-up or brushes? Share! I’d love to hear some other ideas!


2 thoughts on “DIY: Saving your blush or powder make-up

    • heyheyheatherk says:

      I have a slight obsession with coconut oil, I guess I never realized before how many things you could do with it! I definitely like the addition of the bit of oil to help keep my blush longer lasting! Let me know how it works if you try!

      – Heather

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