So here we are, Twenty-Five


Whew. A quarter of a century. 25. Here we are.

Do you ever look back and wish you could have a conversation with your 15-year-old self a la Jack from “30 Rock” minus the whole exposed to a leaky gas-pipe thing? Every once in a while, I wonder how that conversation would go. I often imagine it would be 15-year-old Heather asking the following completely self-absorbed and selfish questions: “Did you fall in love? Are you married? Do you have any children? Are you famous? Did you move out of Maryland? Did you lose weight? Do you have an apartment? A dog? A cat? Seahorses?” Back then, I only had two things I wanted to accomplish: be famous and move out… and being a proud mama of two little seahorses because those are my favorite. I can imagine, now, 25-year-old me laughing lightly, yet with a hint of sadness and saying, “Well, Heather, no. Life is a little harder than I thought back then.”

I can’t exactly pin-point my feeling about today. There is a little bit of joy, a little sadness, a little exhaustion (mostly thanks to B-my personal trainer-kicking my booty two days in a row), a full tummy of giant cupcakes from my boss, a bit hopeful for the future, a bit feisty and ready to take on the world while at the same time wanting to curl up with my baby boy, drink tea and stare out the window… needless to say, there are a lot of emotions happening right now.

The day was nice and enjoyable. I got an adorable owl mug from my co-workers, as well as a whole mess of cupcakes… which, by the way, if you go to Whole Foods, get a giant cupcake because they have a little extra surprise and were DELIGHTFUL. My parents had gotten me a 31 purse and… THIS lovely little item:


That’s right! I’m the proud Mama of a Cricut! I’m SO so so so excited and can’t wait to start using it! I’m feeling much like John C. Riley and Will Ferrell in “Stepbrothers” at this time: SO MANY ACTIVITIES! My parents made my little crafter heart burst. 🙂 Dad also treated us to BBQ ribs: noms!

Now that Friday is upon us, I’m feeling incredibly ready for life now. I’ve had nice chats with my co-workers and family about turning 25. And while it’s not a major milestone of a birthday (minus the fact that I get to rent a car now) it still tends to hit you that you are a quarter of a century and thus makes you reevaluate if you are accomplishing everything you want to and enjoying life to the fullest. Am I?

So far, yes. Yes I am.

I feel like after sharing with 15-year-old me the hardships of life I’ve come through so far, she’d be incredibly proud of who we are today. Because life rarely goes as planned, especially when you’re so naive of the workings of the world when the plans originate. But through it all, here I am. Still standing, doing so tall and proud. Because this life is crazy and hectic…

but it’s mine.



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