DIY: Glass Etching


I bought glass etching solution a while ago and haven’t gotten a chance to use it. Well, let me rephrase that: I’ve been super lazy and haven’t gotten around to it. Since getting the Cricut, I’ve found some ideas to use it! I was going to use it on a wine glass, but all are half painted already and sitting, waiting for completion… fail.

I had a few jars left over from a stash I bought this past summer, so I decided to make a “Moments Jar”. If you haven’t seen this already on Pinterest, it’s a fantastic idea: For all the good moments you have throughout the year, you write down on a piece of paper and place in the jar. At the end of the year, you look at all the good moments that occurred in remembrance of the positive moments. With everything going on in the world, there’s never been a more crucial moment to remember those moments, so why put them in something that means a lot to you? I thought about using my TARDIS game box, but, I think this is more personal and me.

I got a cartridge while getting two additional Cricut mats on this last week. I thought the H’s were super adorable and thought it would look very folksy etched on the jar… so, thus my H Moments Jar was born.

IMG_4350I measured the outside portion of the jar to make sure the H would fit. I used Cricut Craft Room to design it!


I couldn’t find my masking tape and selfishly didn’t want to use my new vinyl, in fear I’d mess up and waste it. So I used duct tape. Note, it did NOT kill the Cricut or the mat! On the contrary! It worked rather well! The only downfall is that it’s much thicker than masking tape and had some wonky lines at times. I thought that just added to the folksy feel I was going for.


I flattened the duct tape, sticky part up, on the table and placed the jar down over top to make sure I centered it. Then I peeled the inside H off the mat and centered it in the shadow space.




I used Armour Etch for the etching part. Make sure to mix it before globbing on your project!




Make sure you glob it on! AND BE CAREFUL! Wear gloves! It’s no bueno if it gets on your skin!!


After 5 minutes of letting this awfully smelly concoction sit, rinse!


I did this part twice, mostly because I panicked, thinking I had washed off all the gel… PS That’s what is supposed to happen! The etching looks almost invisible when it’s wet, so if you don’t see it, don’t panic!


The bottom part of the H got a bit smeared… sad panda. But it worked! I was so excited!



I then set up for the lid!



You can’t see the top as well due to the bumper on the lid.


I added a little bow for that finishing touch!






Already started to put my “moments” in the jar! Have you tried glass etching? It’s a ton of fun and looks great!


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