Treasury Tuesday: Tweet, tweet!

Top of the mornin’!

I have two different crafts I’ve been meaning to post about, one was from Easter, which, is rather moot now. 😦 Unfortunately, other than making shirts for my Etsy shop, I haven’t had much energy to do much anything else. On Thursday night I was in my first auto accident. First off, other than a minor concussion and normal impact aches, I’m ok! My car on the other hand, is not. I’m very lucky that she can be repaired, however, am without my baby for another two weeks… and anyone who knows me personally knows how hard this is for me to be away from her! I definitely treat her as my child, minus Thursday when she got hurt.

The irony of the situation (to me) is that I work for an organization that specializes in treating, educating and studying traumatic brain injuries (TBI). If you were not aware, a concussion is a type of mild TBI and the month of March was Brain Injury Awareness Month. I could have very well been the poster child for the day. My supervisor and boss both urged me to seek medical attention following the accident, of which, I refused initially. I was seen by the paramedics at the scene but didn’t want to go to the hospital to be checked out. It was very dumb of me, I know I shouldn’t have done that. At the time all I could think about was my car, money, whether or not the other driver was alright and just wanting to numb everything that was happening. I didn’t think about my own health and safety really, which, please, please, please go and get checked out right away after any sort of accident or situation in which you have hit your head or think you might have sustained a head injury. It doesn’t have to be from impacting an object and each head injury is different and can manifest in different ways… this is something I’m very aware to, but ignored in my own experience and situation. Luckily, I did go and get checked out the following day in Urgent Care and was relieved to find there was no skull fractures or internal bleeding. They also checked my neck and again, just normal bruising, aches and pains from impact and the force of hitting the window. I’m very lucky, but not everyone is.

Ok, now I shall get off my soap box and share with you my favorite finds of this past week!

Treasury Tuesday: Tweet, Tweet


This treasury reminds me a lot of one of my coworkers who is getting married in a few months and has a slight bird theme to the wedding and such. As a yarn lover, I love the yarn bowl by SKPottery! I’m always looking for different ideas of storing my yarn when I’m working. Another is the window bird house by IfWoodCould… I’ve always wanted one where I can sit and watch the birds inside. I also adore the teal/turquoise bird pillow (by joom), gorgeous color, and the bird flying away from the cage necklace by DevinMichaels.

Go check out these great bird finds!


2 thoughts on “Treasury Tuesday: Tweet, tweet!

  1. Shari says:

    I’m so glad you’re alright! Car accidents are terrifying – I can still remember everything about the time someone hit my mom and me, and it happened fifteen years ago – but the important thing is that you’re okay. ❤

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