DIY: Family Canvas Wall Decor

Happy Wednesday!

I’ve been a blogging slacker for the past few weeks. A few weeks ago I took a “staycation” and decided I was going to focus on me, myself and I. Unfortunately, the social media blogette side of me also went on holiday and thus, the updates having been occurring regularly: including “Treasury Tuesday”, etc.

So, I missed Mother’s Day a few weeks ago. But I hope you all had a GREAT Mother’s Day and enjoyed it with your kids, mothers, wives, sisters, etc. After taking my nephew to get his driver’s license that Friday, we all went out for celebratory froyo. My 5-year-old niece turned to my sister and said “Happy Mothers Day Mom!” and then turned to me and said “Happy Mothers Day Heather!” While I have not physically had children myself, I feel very protective and maternal towards my niece and nephew as well as our pup and all of my little craft projects. So I smiled really big and said “Thanks darlin!”

For my mother, I made a wall decoration that we’ve placed in the kitchen. It has one of my favorite quotes, that I think sums up our family pretty accurately. As she gave me my Cricut for my birthday, I wanted to use it to make her something she could see everyday as a reminder of:

  1. What an awesome daughter I am 😉
  2. What a great family we are

We really are and it’s not to say that we haven’t had our ups and downs (and sometimes disownments) but that’s what makes our family so ridiculous and amazing. No matter the hardships, we’ve all stuck together.


It’s true.



I used an 11″ x 14″ white canvas. You can get packs of these for pretty cheap at Walmart. The bigger craft stores like Michael’s and Joann’s tend to sell them for more money. More dollars means more unhappy crafters. But who knows, their canvases might be better quality. For what we’re doing, this should do!


I decided on a pretty fabric, one of my absolute FAVORITES that WALMART NO LONGER SELLS AT MY LOCATION! *deep breath* Ok, so I’m so excited they brought back their sewing section, but honestly, get rid of the quarter pieces? Have you all gone mad?! Anyway, I ironed the fabric first to get rid of any quarter creases…


I used the above Fabric Mod Podge I found at Michael’s a few months ago. Love this Mod Podge because it’s so fabric friendly!


I was pretty generous with the Mod Podge…


After I covered the top, I flipped it over and pressed it against the back side of the fabric I was using.


And pressed hard!


While letting the top of the canvas dry, I slabbed some Mod Podge around the edges…


And pulled up the fabric tightly.


Once all the fabric had been pulled up, I pressed with my finger around the edges to smoosh down the Mod Podge that poked through and let it dry for a few minutes.


After, I folded so the corners made nicer folds and then folded all the fabric edges under the base board of the canvas, more so tucking it in. This actually made the fabric tighter. It worked really well!


Ta da! Now for the vinyl!


I used a permanent white vinyl from Ebay. Honestly, I love ProvoCrafts, but their stuff is SO damn expensive. Ebay has become my new biffle. I got 7 rolls of extra long permanent vinyl, all different colors, for the price of 2.5 rolls I would have gotten from

Yeah. Seriously, get on that bidding train.

Anyway, I used one of the quotes I find that best describes my crazy family:

“Like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.”


The trick with vinyl is to let it sit for a minute. permanent vinyl acts similar to the regular, removable vinyl except it’s permanence takes a bit to take hold. Patients is a virtue and something I have very little of. SO I scrapped all the excess off the mat, used my vinyl applicator film (seen above) and went to pressing the hell out of that vinyl…


To set the fabric to the canvas and the vinyl to the fabric, I pressed it with a medium setting on the iron.


A few moments later, it was time to peel away the transfer film.



Wa-lah! I attached a white, satin ribbon to the back with the same Mod Podge I used to adhere the fabric to the canvas and then hung it in our kitchen.

Vinyl is such a fun tool to use! What is your favorite vinyl project?


3 thoughts on “DIY: Family Canvas Wall Decor

  1. Cassie says:

    This is amazing! You could totally add it to your etsy shop and personalize it to be people’s wedding vows or lyrics from a meaningful song or something! We need another crafting day, ps. I still want to learn your ways!

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