DIY: Iron-On Vinyl Shirt


First off, I’ve extended my give-away! It will now be up through June 21st: The First Day of Summer! (Ah em, are you catching the clue here? No, seriously, it’s going to be a fun give-away. 🙂

I was out of work sick yesterday and realized that in the midst of making all of these t-shirts, I haven’t made one for myself in a while! I had this design up for weeks in my Cricut Craft Room, but just hadn’t gotten around to making the shirt!


As stated on the Cricut ProvoCraft Iron-On Vinyl:

I placed the vinyl with the shiny side down, the duller and rubberier side up. In Cricut Craft Room, I flipped the image and had just cut enough vinyl for the sections I was using on the mat. If you don’t use Cricut Craft Room, you are ridiculous and need to go to and download it right now.

Seriously, right now. That program makes life SO much easier! And you can plan out how you want to cut by different layers. It’s perfect!

Gently I peeled away the excess as I did in my previous post.


All I had left on the clear sheet was the image I wanted to go on the back of the shirt!

Be sure to iron the place on your shirt you are about to adhere your image to, it should be warm when you finally place the image down on the shirt.


Like dis. You can still see the clear cover on the top.

I placed an incredibly fantastic piece of pink, leopard print fabric over top and iron as stated in the directions. I let the clear sheet stay on while I did the front, but below is a picture of it removed.


After letting it set for a moment after taking off the clear sheet, I ironed with the fabric on top again to make sure it was nice and secure.




This is on the front, left, chest of the shirt. Very appropriate as this is where your badge goes when worn in a formal setting. My other Phi Mu’s will also understand the significance… besides the fact that this is normally where names go on shirts. 😛


Shirt front!


And a very blurry shirt back! Eek!

And there you have it! Iron-on vinyl is EXTREMELY easy to use! And I loved how glittery and pink it turned out!

I have a few other projects up my sleeve for the rest of my vinyl. Can’t wait to show you!


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