Halloween Prep

I’ve posted a few Halloween crafts over the years, like the “BOO!” sign and Mummy wreath, but many of those have stayed home when I moved a few years ago, so it’s only fair to make new ones!


I went to AC Moore and Michael’s a few weeks ago and snagged some little items to use, like foam cuts and little wood signs. A few weeks back I was playing around with my Tombow Dual Brush Pens on one of the foam cut-outs, which, let me just say… didn’t work. I mean, it did, but it also didn’t. So I used a Sharpie to decorate this foam leaf.

Now, I have a TON of wood that I’ve been playing around with. I’ve wanted to stain them, because all of the wooden pieces in my apartment are either stained dark brown or painted. But wood stain can be costly and messy, and with cats it’s generally a no go. SO, I wanted to find another way to make it darker.

I actually started playing around with the idea while making a non-Halloween inspired sign:




I used my brown Tombows, drawing lines across the sign and quickly blended what I could with one of my Prismacolor Water Brush Pens. After letting it dry, I drew on the sides with my Dark Brown brush pen to give it an edge and added “BEWARE!” with my Sharpie paint pen.

That’s literally it.

I used a different method for my “How Great Thou Art” sign by writing lines with my Dual Brush Pen on a plastic bag, spritzing it with water and taking a wet rag and wiping down the wood. I love the look: it’s not too much, but does give a big of edge to it, a bit of stress.


Super easy and super classy!

Can’t wait to keep on creating! I’m on my home stretch of school (6 weeks left!) so I have so much more time to get crafting, I’ve missed it!

Till next time,


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