Christmas Ribbon Tree

Hey all!

It’s been a while since I did a craft other than something lettering related! And It’s been a LONG while since I did something that was also for Christmas!

I was home much of the weekend because of the torrential rain that plagued the east coast, but got super antsy on Sunday night so decided to brave the masses and went to the craft store.

Of course most of the Christmas stuff was GONE, I honestly don’t know what I was expecting, but it was nice to walk amongst the faux pines, leftover ornaments and wood ready to be made even more lovely.

Upon walking through one of the aisles I came across some paper mache cones and decided to make some extra decor trees!

FYI: Michael’s has ribbon on sale for half off, so if you’re in need of any, head on over!

So I started out with two paper mache cones, different but somewhat related holiday ribbon and Tombow Liquid Glue and Glue Dots (not pictured). I tried liquid initially, however, it took too long to dry so I tried the Glue Dot tape and it worked really well!

I started off folding the ribbon in a pleated fashion, regularly measuring around the cone to ensure I’m folding enough.

Then I slightly curled the top to make a curved ribbon piece that will then get glued to the cone itself. This helps keep it relatively straight when gluing.

From there I utilised my Tombow Glue Dot tape around the cone in the path I wanted my ribbon. I constantly started at the same spot in order to have one location where–if needed–I could put its back to the wall, though it turned out pretty well!

I then pressed the back of the ribbon to the glue dots, holding it there to ensure it stuck and actually worked without cutting the ribbon just in case I didn’t measure fully! Once I made a full path around the cone, I cut and added some additional glue to glue the end down under one of the other folds.

After it dried and seemed solid, I lightly fluffed the edges to make it stick out like a skirt. The top I ended up just folding the gold ribbon into a small cone, using the Tombow Liquid Glue to adhere the top!

I love the burlap plaid look in conjunction with the glitter and threw in some accented ribbon to mix it up a bit!

And WARNING: if you’re working with glitter ribbon for this expect–like always with glitter–to find it EVERYWHERE. In the couch. On my face. On the cats. In my drink. It will never go away, I swear. Luckily it’s gold and gold goes with nearly everything.

What do you think?! Have you done any fun holiday crafts this year?! Be sure to share them below!

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Happy Holidays!

– Heather


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