Heather is the woman behind Hey, Hey Heather K—a name she picked way back in the days of AIM, but kind of stuck with her. She’s a craft-enthusiast, dabbling in everything from painting, t-shirt design, wedding calligraphy, and the yarn arts. Since 2016, she’s been focusing on brush calligraphy both hand-lettered and digitized.

In November of 2016, Heather found herself becoming a caregiver for her father who was diagnosed with a chronic illness. Along with a full-time job with the military and full-time graduate school, she turned to brush calligraphy to help minimize the symptoms she was experiencing from severe anxiety and other mental illnesses.

This art has become a form of therapy that she wants to share with others, notably other caregivers and military families. The fight to aid caregivers has been underway for years and Heather’s hope is to help in any way—no matter how small—by providing some additional outlets for this population. Having been there, she knows how rough it can get.

Heather resides in Germantown, Maryland and is attempting to raise two four-legged boys out of their messy, teenage years while also trying to remember to brush her teeth in the morning.

Heather offers:

  • Introduction to Brush Calligraphy Workshops
  • Wedding and Professional Calligraphy services
  • Hand lettered and crafted home decor and other goods
  • A good laugh and a cup of coffee


2017, Master in Public Health from Purdue University Global

2012, Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, Minor in Biological Sciences and Voice Performance from University of Maryland Baltimore County

Calligraphy Courses Completed:

Learn Brush Calligraphy, Instructor: Sharisse DeLeon, Pieces Calligraphy

Intermediate Masterclass, Instructor: Amanda Arneill



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