This is me!

Dreamer, educator, government worker… sort of, crafter, British imposter, a fantastic mix of Doris Day/Tina Fey/Leslie Knope, youngest of three, Whovian, lover of owls, and cocoa almond butter, born in the wrong era, crocheter, movie quoter…

That about begins to sum it up…

Okay, so I’m Heather. I am a full-time employee for an organization who specializes in treating military brain injuries. During the off hours of work/school/cat-momming, I’m a crafter… or so I tell myself. I’m frequently found with my brush pens, some sketch paper, glitter, jars, paints and my Cricut. But if you happen to cross me with a hot-glue gun, run… just, run.

You have been warned.

I live in the DMV-DC/Maryland/VA area for those of you out-of-towners–and am attempting to be more ingrained in my city! I love listening to podcasts while pulling out a pad of paper and going to town. I’m finishing up a MPH degree and ready to be a socializing human again! Here I come!


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