Holy crap, I just sewed a gown!

*knock, knock, knock* “Heather?”

Yes. I’m alive. Please know I haven’t forgotten about you little bloggy blog of mine! It has been quite some time and in between work-outs, trying to keep up with my shop, working and trying to keep my social life at least a little bit afloat, I’ve spent the remainder of my time asleep. And these hours are very few and far between. So weekends, the free moments I have, oh you better believe I am snug in my bed, blissfully napping.

Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten that days only have 24 hours in them and have had none left over to just sit. I miss sitting. And staring off into oblivion. And it’s my favorite time of year to do so… I need to find time to do that. Outside in a pair of jeans, a warm sweater, a hot cider and my thoughts. Doesn’t that sound glorious?

But I’m glad to get a chance and touch base with my blogging world. I feel like we need to sit down on a cafe terrace, sip lattes and talk about the weather, our families and Bethenny Frankle’s new talk show (God she’s hysterical, I adore her) and Tamra Judge’s wedding (GORGEOUS!).

In the meantime, let me share my biggest feat to date… or at least what feels like it to me.

I sewed a gown.

*pause for reaction*

Yes, I said gown. Remember last year’s Comic Con that I slacked and never put up pictures from like I promised? Yeah, so that happened again. But the shirt wasn’t enough this year, I had to kick it up a notch. So to Cosplay City we went. I did. I cosplayed. I wore a costume. And walked around downtown Baltimore. Like the ridiculously awesome fool I am. That happened. This is real life right here.

Join me on my sewing adventure.

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Important Moments: My other-half graduated!

I met Catie–my other half and sister from another mister–when we were in our last year of high school. She transferred in and once I heard her mention RENT in our vocal ensemble class, my little sensors went off and I thought “I think I’m going to like this girl!” We have been through A TON together: high school craziness, graduation, finding jobs, college, student government, performing, living a minute away from one another… We went to the same college, though in staggered years, and graduated a year apart. She has done SO many amazing things as a college student including meeting with our Governor, getting to be on a call with the President (as in of the free world… also known as Commander in Chief), was our SGA President her senior year, sang in the a capella group, and was just a straight up BAMF.

The only other moment that tops the list of me being immensely proud of her graduating was the fact that she finally jumped on the Doctor Who bandwagon and understood my obsession with the witty British comedy. Despite the fact that she is a huge Rose and Ten(nant) fan and I’ve sat and listened to her cry over just how sad their departure from one another was (Ok, yes it was devastating when I saw it, but I’ve never been a huge fan of Rose), I still love how excited we both get over the silly nonsense and adventures of the Doctor (and of course Doctor Donna who is my favorite!)

So I’ve been debating on what to get her for this momentous occasion. After I purchased a vintage planner (for which she was present for) and some mustache stickers (that I’ve been shaving for her) I decided that I would do something along the lines of the gift made for my grandlittle: A TARDIS! I mean, the Tardis is the only constant thing on Doctor Who through all the years and different regenerations of the Doctor. So what is better than a Tardis jar full of goodies?! I think nothing… nothing at all.

Again, I went through the same phase of painting glass and of course a few different trials and timey-wimey tribulations of this project, but I think it came out relatively well! Note to remember when painting glass: I’ve found it’s much easier and looks cleaner when you use an enamel based paint and be sure to seal it with a clear sealer (gloss or matte, your choice!).

The beginning!

I decided I like coating the inside more, it gives the outside a really clean and glossy look.

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