Slow, but steady start

So I don’t know if it’s just the introvert in me, the fact that I’m talking to people 10+ hours a day or that I haven’t had it in forever, but I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying my “alone time.” And before we go any further, please get your head out of the gutter because I’m referring to my quiet, humble abode.

Because Saturday's are now for homemade breakfast and "New Girl" marathons.

Because Saturday’s are now for homemade breakfast and “New Girl” marathons.

Working in a hospital and having over half of my job include calling people, I am absolutely people-drained by the time I set foot onto the metro home. By the time I hit the threshold of my apartment, the shoes come off, I jump into some comfy clothes and I take a deep breath… because entering that door is entering serenity and I embrace that quiet like no other.

Also, given that Washington D.C. is a big swampland, it holds that humidity like crazy and I usually spend the first five minutes hanging out by the air conditioning; trying to cool-down after hanging out on a train with a bunch of strangers and no air conditioning what-so-ever. It’s a glorious smell if you know what I’m talking about and by glorious I mean horrendous. But again, I’m not complaining because my commuting time has been cut by two-thirds, it’s just a mere–and accurate–observation.

I haven’t gotten used to the extra time either: What do I do with myself? Do I do laundry? Do I work out? Do I do some unpacking? Or maybe just sit here and watch 10 episodes of “New Girl” because I can and no one can tell me not to? It’s a complicated game in the evenings.

The mornings have been amazing though. I’m still in shock and awe of having time to COOK breakfast in the morning and sit with a cup of coffee, or in the case of hot, summer days, a nice glass of ice-cold energy juice. I’ve even had time to curl my hair. I don’t even know you guys, it’s crazy.

Decorating was quick in the beginning and has since slowed. I’ve been sketching out what I want to do and then come back and go “Eh, no.” It’s rough. Instead of thinking so much about it, I’ve just been going for it: today I put up a bulletin board in my kitchen along with a housewarming gift from my brother and his girlfriend… because wine is everything and no one can tell me any different.



I love my new calendar printables that I found from Love vs Design (the jewel 2014 calendar) and my monthly calendar from Elli. Definitely check them out! Love vs Design has so many other templates for the year-long calendar, but this one just called out to me and the month design reminded me of my current blog layout. I knew I had to have it!


Despite my uncertainty with the decor, I do have some wall art ideas for the horizon and I can’t wait to share those with you!

Till next time lovebugs,


Lemon Meringue Protein Shake


Yes, the protein shakes have officially made their comeback and I’ve been experimenting like crazy with some of them! One, that came up by accident, has now become one of my favorites!

Lemon Meringue Protein Shake



  • A handful of baby spinach
  • 1/2 cup of almond milk (vanilla or unsweetened)
  • 2 scoops of “Sweet Cream” Visalus protein powder (or other cream protein powder)
  • 1 tbsp of lemon juice (or more, depending on your preferable tartness)
  • ~6-8 small ice cubes
  • 1 tbsp of flax-seed
  • 1 Splenda packet (should you need it, you probably won’t)

Lets talk about this for a second. I love pie. But I hate fruit pies, something about the texture that weirds me out. I love custard or chocolate pies and lemon meringue is right up there near the top of my favorites! This shake almost looks like a key lime pie and I’m sure you could substitute the lemon for lime and go for that one! The joy of single served blenders is that there is no hassle: just throw it all in, blend and walk away happy knowing you’ve just concocted a fantastic creation.

Enjoy, let me know if you like it!


Healthy Coffee Protein Shake

Morning Kittens!

I have quite a few things to share with you guys in the next few days! Keep a lookout!

I was sitting here, catching up on some blogs, watching “Spongebob Squarepants” (because I’m secretly my 5-year-old niece) and drinking my coffee shake before my workout!

This is one of my favorite shakes that I make and now that it’s starting to get warmer (not today, bleh it’s COLD!) I figured it’s ok to bring back my frozen shakes again. 🙂

Healthy Coffee Protein Shake



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Weekly What?! I will find a way to boil these eggs!

Happy Thursday poppets!

Mom and I decided we’d try some of those fabulous Pinterest ideas and see if they really worked!

She made Pumpkin Muffins from this pin: All you need is a can of pumpkin and spice cake mix! Or so it says… I decided to “hard boil” eggs in the oven… yeah I had the same look on my face too y’all.

BREAKFAST! Pumpkin Muffins – only 2 ingredients. That’s right, just the cake mix and the pumpkin. No oil, no eggs, no water, nothing else. Bake at 350, this is a Weight Watchers treat, very low cal.

make “hard boiled” eggs in the oven! – The Burlap Bag

So… did it work?

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