Birthday shenanigans: Sip & Paint

If you can remember back a year, I pondered the conversation I would’ve had with my younger self in the essence of turning a quarter of a century. A month ago I turned the big 2-6.


My painting throne; seemed fitting, no? #superwholocked

Last year’s birthday was really hard for me for a number of reasons I’ve already discussed. But I have heard from numerous people that they too had a hard time turning 25. It’s kind of that “defining” moment of your young adult life: the one where you are out of college, trying to figure out what you’re doing with your life and trying not to break down in the process.

25 was an interesting year for me, but overall, it was pretty damn fantastic. I can gladly count the bad times on one hand and that’s pretty much it. But it takes many more hands to count my blessings and great things that happened to me. To name a few: I did my first 5k, sewed a full cosplay gown, made and solidified some great friends, got to go to the Pentagon for a work event, really came into my own and built my confidence 10 fold, started to make future plans, took and trumped the GRE, lost 50 lbs, embraced my nerdiness, got to watch one of my great friends marry the love of her life and got to see my favorite childhood boy band in concert… I mean honestly, it was bloody brilliant.

Wino heaven.

Wino heaven.

I started 26 with the only way I know how: getting crafty! If you’ve been following me (lack of posts and all) you know how hard it has been for me recently to find time to breathe, let alone let out my crafty side. It’s definitely something I feel I’m missing in my life right now and my sister came along in the nick of time to save the day! She got us reservations to a “Sip and Paint” in our hometown!

I’ve been dying to do one if these! I have my own canvases that I’ve gotten to do little with as of late (except for this Mother’s Day gift) and was excited to get creative! It was actually the head honchos in my work life that told me I need to follow along and document the progress as we progressed in our bottle of wine… so let’s see how we progressed!


Step in painting: 1
Wine consumed: ~2 sips

Drawing the basics: hill and sun (although, I like to think of mine more as a moon, you’ll see why later). Then we had to do a quick white base around the moon and sky.


Step in painting: 2
Wine consumed: ~half a glass

My sky was less swirly than most people’s…


Michelle’s turned out really cool… here she is mid-painting!


Step in painting: 3 & 4
Wine consumed: Full glass

My painting is already feeling the alcohol, clearly. Step 3 involved painting over the moon and then doing the hills, complete with shading. That was a little more difficult thanks to the wine. 😉 I had to break out a protein bar after realizing I hadn’t really eaten anything!



Step in painting: 5
Wine consumed: Working on my second glass

Probably not the best idea to try and do such intricate work after drinking, but luckily they had a template for this one. I started with the template and realized it was not working so well, so I just eye-balled it and hoped for the best… and then kicked back another glass in my “Heather don’t care” attitude. 😉



Step in painting: 6 & 7
Wine consumed: Finishing the bottle

So to close out our whimsical paintings, we added some swirls and dots (which I liked to think were fairies – or maybe that’s just me watching so much “Once Upon a Time”).


And so completed our paintings 🙂


Michelle and I with our finished products!



The top was what the painting was supposed to look like; the bottom was mine with an unexpected second piece of plate art. 😛

This was one of the neatest things to do! We had such a blast creating our masterpieces and seeing how everyone’s paintings differed in the end.

I highly recommend this activity for girls night or even date night! We saw a few couples who had fun creating some masterpieces.

Have you done a “Sip and Paint” sort of night? What kind of painting did you do?


DIY: Sugar Scrubs


DIY: Sugar Scrubs

“Craft and Wine Night” continues and the holiday season has proved to have some of my favorite nights this year! Last Saturday, us gals got together to make some homemade sugar scrubs! We attempted to follow some different recipes we found online and decided to just wing it and make up our own! We had a blast, take a look!


Dreamcicle Sugar Scrub

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More BOOtiful wreaths!

Happy Halloween Wreath

The other night at “Craft and Wine Night” we decided to make some holiday and autumn wreaths! Remember the “Mummy” wreath I made? This is what generated that idea! We even had some new additions to the craft and wine tradition.

I decided to use NOODLES! Yes, as in POOL NOODLES! I saw this idea last year and thought it was brilliant. Think of how cheap pool noodles are in comparison to foam wreath forms at craft stores, like Michael’s. I paid $1.00 for each noodle at the dollar store, Michael’s is charging $7.00 per foam wreath, and those are the small ones. I’d say that is a pretty good deal! These wreaths turn out to be a good size for a front door of a home. The Mummy wreath is great for an apartment or inside of a home, in a smaller area. I will tell you, I will absolutely be stocking up on noodles come next summer! I think I’ll make one for every occasion! They’re so fun to make! And they are not hard to cut, so easy to make them smaller!

I decided to use fabric and sew a noodle sleeve for mine instead of wrapping it with something. I loved the end look, but it was not an easy task! Each of us did something different! Behold them below! Not great pictures, I had had one too many Pumpkin Ciders and had a hard day beforehand… but I wanted to share them none-the-less.

Lisa wrapped hers with yarn and then glued handmade felt flowers and beads to it. I wish I had a close up shot of it, it was really cute! I think at this point of the night, my sister had stolen my phone 😉

Michelles is the top left (in progress) and Crystal finished her burlap one with burlap left over from her wedding just a few weekends ago! I LOVE the way hers turned out, I’m so jealous of it.

Isn’t it cute!? Michelles completed wreath, already on her front door!

So how did I use a noodle to make mine? Well, here we go!

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Craft and Wine Night: Monogram Pillows

“Button, button, who’s got the button?”

So, I’m not the only one a fan of buttons in my family, turns out, so is everyone else and their mother. What can I say, buttons are just fun! And the word itself is fun to say… at least to me.

This weekend we gathered at my sisters house to make pillows with button monograms! Another obsession of mine is the letter H, I’m sure you can understand why. So while everyone else was doing last names, I of course, buttonized my pillow with my beloved first initial.

To make the pillows, we used Heat’N’Bond to “sew” the fabric together. I was far too lazy to legitimately sew the whole thing, so that was my next best option. And it worked out pretty well! We used clear tacky glue for the buttons and Lisa decided she would sew them for added protection. She’s a trooper, that one.

Eventually we branched out of the buttons and added a little bit of bows and some florals to the party!

I can’t wait to display these when I get my apartment! It is going to be a home-made mess of awesome, that apartment is.

Top Left: We used the Heating Bond to “sew” our pillows together, the heck with sewing! Ok, no, sewing is fabulous, we only had one sewing machine and four women. That would have gotten complicated.
Top Center: We used the computer to print out stencils of the letters we wanted and traced them on the fabric with a pencil. I wanted mine to be a little bolder, so I went ahead and cut a bit of a border around the letter itself.
Top Right: I started to layout my buttons for the H and sized them up as I went. I chose green to go with the green of the leaves in the pattern of the fabric.
Bottom: The H was completed! I went along, using clear tacky glue on each one. Having left a space in my pillow for stuffing purposes, I put a piece of wax paper in between the fabric to keep it from gluing through. That would have been a mess!

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