Valentines Day Sale!

Morning Petals! Happy Valentines Day! My little Etsy Shop is having a sale for 10% off your purchase, vaild until 2/18! VALENTINES DAY ONLY! Use the code: VDAYGITA10 to get 10% any purchase! New items available and items that were sold are renewed for additional orders! Take a gander! Have a good Valentines (OR GALENTINES … Continue reading Valentines Day Sale!

Craft and Wine Night: Our past fun

I'm currently house-sitting and without super crafting supplies, so I thought I'd do a throw-back. Luckily I did bring my crocheting, so I'll be able to handle that for the time-being. There are kitties in my midst and I am not sure if they fall into the stereotypical realm in their love for yarn... so … Continue reading Craft and Wine Night: Our past fun

Current Obession: MASON JARS… again.

"Heyyyy... YIIIKES." Hi there little blog, I've missed you these past couple of days! I swear I'm not intentionally neglecting you! Long story short: Work is mad crazy. Pretty short, right? There is a lot of bad timing happening in my little work life with ends of contracts, planning our summit and generally trying to … Continue reading Current Obession: MASON JARS… again.

Current Obsession: Painting glass jars and bottles

You've seen this ALL over Pinterest right now: Painting Mason Jars, painting bottles, paint dipping glass jars, etc. And can I just say I LOVE IT? I mean, it's not a revolutionary idea, but I've been pretty obsessive about painting jars, to the point that they are currently the only projects I've been working on … Continue reading Current Obsession: Painting glass jars and bottles