Happy Bloggiversary Give-away Winner!

Let’s talk about who’s been a bad blogger?

This girl. Aware. Got it. Apologies.

Life has been insanely crazy recently, perhaps I’ll share a bit in my next post, but I wanted to stop by and let you know who won!



Congrats to my favorite SMASH-Booker, SuperCraftiFragilistic! Shoot me an email to heatherk06@gmail.com with your address and I’ll send the box your way! Some fun stuff in there you can use in your Smashbooks! 🙂

Thanks all who liked and commented!

If you don’t hear from me before tomorrow: Have a wonderful and safe Independence day! Don’t forget the past crafts from last years Independence Day!







Broad Stripes and Bright Stars Shirt



Independence Mason Jars



Weekend Catch-up: What a patriotic vaca!

Happy Sunday Petals!

I’m rather devistated that my vacation is coming to an end and I will end up at work tomorrow. SAD. PANDA. But such is life.

While my original plans for the fourth revolved around sitting on a beach and drinking alcoholic beverages, the actual plan was just as hot but also just as fun! One of my good friends lives in downtown DC and invited Catie and I down to her humble abode to eat, drink, and be merry! And watch the fireworks from the national mall of course.

The night before, I ended up getting locked out of the house I was watching with nothing but myself and a pair of flip-flops. I felt so guilty for not having watered the flowers (even though it had rained) so went to do so, ended up locking myself out and in a thunder-storm… because that is my luck. Luckily the neighbors were generous and let me use their computer to send out a dramatic “HELP ME!” message and call my parents to come get me. It was extremely dramatic and the only thing that I could think of (and relate to, as I sat outside in the pouring rain and lightening) was Mia in “Princess Diaries” when her car breaks down in the rain-storm. Yeah, that is my life.

Anyway, I was excited for something to finally go as planned and it did! Catie brought me back to the house (my biffle is amazing) and we took my car to park at my office and take the metro into the city. Yas made a lot of amazing food and it was a great time of chatting and catching up with everyone. At night we went up to the roof to watch the fireworks. We had an amazing view! All in all, everything turned out well and the way it should have.

You really can’t tell from the pictures, but we were smack dab in the middle of the two iconic figures in DC. It was very cool and we all had a lot of fun. I even got to wear my shirt! And of course, no holiday is complete without adorning a mustache!

I took off of work the rest of the week since the holiday fell oddly on a Wednesday. I was pretty spoiled as we had off on Monday due to power outages, but I kept the “stay-cation” in play just for a break. I have since remembered why I do not take vacations regularly: I have the WORST time getting back into a routine when I’ve been lazy. Boo. Anyway, Friday I went over to my sisters to do some crafting for her party in August! We’re making all kinds of different mason jars for people to use as cups. BEHOLD our creations!

Only some of our creations. The left two I made, the first like a baseball uniform and “Est. C 2012” as her new last name starts with C. The second I used another round of glass staining, some ribbon and some jewels.

Even Zoe got in on the action and made her own! It was very cute!

I have a few other crafts going on currently that I’ll be posting this week!

Again, hope you all had a great holiday!

The “Broad Stripes and Bright Stars” shirt

Happy Independence Day to all in the US!

I pray it’s not terribly hot and we don’t get the same storms that have been moving through the DC area in the past few days. Friday we got a gnarly storm called a “Derecho” late Friday evening. I had never even heard of one before that and I like to think myself semi-weather-savvy. The power went out before the storm even hit and 100 mph winds ripped through the area, breaking large trees in half and even up-rooting them! The area was absolute chaos and some are still without power (projected to return on Thursday). That is just ridiculous. I’m glad that the power returned late Saturday: the heat is just outrageous and I worried about the poor kitties I’m watching this week!

I did go home to bask in the A/C and power for a little bit on Saturday post-apocolypse. To keep me occupied, I decided my nails needed a little up-keep… so I went with the pink ombre look. I did a top coat of matte nail polish (LOVE LOVE LOVE that stuff!). What do you think?!

Our office still did not have power Monday, thus I got to stay home and rest-up! I didn’t sleep much last night due to more storms (UGH!). Luckily they were all talk and no action, just some thunder and lightening!

But the time off (before vaca) has given me a chance to catch up on my crafting! Especially because the fourth is on it’s way tomorrow!

I decided to continue my patriotic crafting and make a t-shirt for Wednesday! Check it out!

I bought a plain cotton t-shirt from JoAnns (or Walmart, wherever!) and cut a scoop-neck in the top. I hate being choked by t-shirts and thought it was a lot more summery this way. From there, I put masking tape down and taped off a part for the stars of the flag. I cut out masking tape stars and used a star-punch for the smaller ones and stuck them at random on the shirt (we’re going for creative here, not complete accuracy). After making sure it was down, I squirted some puffy paint on a paint tray and using a sponge brush, dabbed the paint until it covered the taped in portion.

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