Well, hello there!

Good lord, how long has it been? Three years? Really? Yikes.

The world has changed a lot in three years, hasn’t it? My world is certainly different. I moved (again). I am a proud cat mom to two of the craziest furballs to ever walk this earth and are currently watching me type this. I got a new position at work. I got a new car and am so in love with it. I’ve dated a bit… and now am single lady. I became an aunt again and again. I’ve met some amazing new people. I started and am coming to a close on a Masters of Public Health degree. I bought a BIG girl couch after my “starter” couch died a very slow death. And a headboard, because nothing says “single girl living her best life” like a shimmery and very classy headboard.

And the crafting? Yeah, it’s still happening. At a much lower scale, but it’s happening and making a comeback.

Stay tuned!

From me and my little kit-twins,

Lots of Love


Happy 2014!

Hello lovelies!

No, I am not dead. No, I have not been sent into the Witness Protection Program and thus why I have not posted in a while…

Life has become more of a roller coaster in the past six months, more so than I ever imagined. I unfortunately have not had any time to do much of anything besides sleep; even my workouts have suffered. They’ve changed my position at work a bit and it’s kept be busy beyond belief. Not only that, we’ve changed offices and now I’m commuting an extra hour a day. And in order to get a parking spot, I have to leave at the crack of dawn.

On top of all this, we’ve had a few family health issues in the past few months that have kept me on my toes more so than usual.

Basically life has changed… a lot and continues to do so. To say I’m exhausted is an understatement. Any chance I can sit and just be is like heaven on earth. But with all of this chaotic change, came parts of my life that had to take a back seat for a while. This blog of mine, unfortunately, was one of them. Crafting was one of them. My etsy shop was another. My social life took another nose dive and I say a huge ‘thank you’ to my friends who have understood my chaos and haven’t disowned me for it! Fortunately for me and unfortunately for them, most are going through similar life situations.

The past few weeks have caused me to do a lot of thinking: where I’m going, what I want to do, etc. Obviously, new years will do that to you. It’s the hot thing: resolutions and all that. But with the changes going on at work and the changes going on at home, I’ve forced myself to take another look at everything and see what changes I need to make in order to feel normal again.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not unhappy through all of this. I have to say I’m VERY proud of myself and how I’ve handled all of this change. If you had put last year’s me in this year’s situation, I’m not sure that girl would have made it through. I was in a bad place last year personally; I was surrounded by bad juju and a bad support system and made the decision that 2013 would be the year to change all of that. And I did: I am incredibly calm about everything. Stressed, yes, but calm. And happy. Quite happy. One of those contented happinesses that are quite rare, especially in D.C.

2013, however, was quite a challenge for me because it was a huge year of finding myself. It was kind of the first year in a long time I actually learned/had the chance to be myself, to be me and not let myself get influenced by so many others. That, i’ve discovered, is a bit of a personality flaw of mine… partially blamed on being a Pisces. We tend to do that: to absorb the feelings of others and place that burden on ourself in addition to absorbing others personalities and making them our own… which, if you aren’t careful can be more harm than good. But I’ve done a lot of amazing things this year like losing 50 lbs for instance. Sometimes I forget how big of a feat that is, huge even. I lost a whole elementary schooler! Once upon a time, I lost quite a lot more and I’ve struggled with that this year only because it’s taken me much longer to do so this time than last time. But I’ve had to keep in mind that I had a much different situation last time and just need to continue to adapt. This time I’ve been building a lot more muscle. That I know. That I can tell. And it feels amazing. 🙂 Along with the weight loss, I took on a new position at work, reignited old friendships, made some new ones, challenged myself personally and tried to do something that scared me more often than not, sewed a satin gown, made some decisions on my future including finally taking the GRE’s, among many other things…

This year already is bringing more new and exciting things! I’m in the process of making some major plans for September, of which, I don’t want to jinx until they are final so you’ll just have to wait on those. I’m doing a short product presentation on one of our webinars at work in a few weeks (kind of freaking out about it, but still excited!) and working on a major project at work that will be launching in a few months (again, so excited!). Trying to get back some social aspects of my life and have resolved to do at least one or two outings with friends a month. That probably sounds so lame, but baby steps, y’all, baby steps.

So there we have it and here we go. 2013 was an interesting year, great, but interesting. 2014 is going to be amazing.

I can’t wait.

I hope everyone had a great holiday and a happy new year! May 2014 bring you happiness and joy in whatever you do! And may you all remain healthy!


Holy crap, I just sewed a gown!

*knock, knock, knock* “Heather?”

Yes. I’m alive. Please know I haven’t forgotten about you little bloggy blog of mine! It has been quite some time and in between work-outs, trying to keep up with my shop, working and trying to keep my social life at least a little bit afloat, I’ve spent the remainder of my time asleep. And these hours are very few and far between. So weekends, the free moments I have, oh you better believe I am snug in my bed, blissfully napping.

Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten that days only have 24 hours in them and have had none left over to just sit. I miss sitting. And staring off into oblivion. And it’s my favorite time of year to do so… I need to find time to do that. Outside in a pair of jeans, a warm sweater, a hot cider and my thoughts. Doesn’t that sound glorious?

But I’m glad to get a chance and touch base with my blogging world. I feel like we need to sit down on a cafe terrace, sip lattes and talk about the weather, our families and Bethenny Frankle’s new talk show (God she’s hysterical, I adore her) and Tamra Judge’s wedding (GORGEOUS!).

In the meantime, let me share my biggest feat to date… or at least what feels like it to me.

I sewed a gown.

*pause for reaction*

Yes, I said gown. Remember last year’s Comic Con that I slacked and never put up pictures from like I promised? Yeah, so that happened again. But the shirt wasn’t enough this year, I had to kick it up a notch. So to Cosplay City we went. I did. I cosplayed. I wore a costume. And walked around downtown Baltimore. Like the ridiculously awesome fool I am. That happened. This is real life right here.

Join me on my sewing adventure.

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So here we are, Twenty-Five


Whew. A quarter of a century. 25. Here we are.

Do you ever look back and wish you could have a conversation with your 15-year-old self a la Jack from “30 Rock” minus the whole exposed to a leaky gas-pipe thing? Every once in a while, I wonder how that conversation would go. I often imagine it would be 15-year-old Heather asking the following completely self-absorbed and selfish questions: “Did you fall in love? Are you married? Do you have any children? Are you famous? Did you move out of Maryland? Did you lose weight? Do you have an apartment? A dog? A cat? Seahorses?” Back then, I only had two things I wanted to accomplish: be famous and move out… and being a proud mama of two little seahorses because those are my favorite. I can imagine, now, 25-year-old me laughing lightly, yet with a hint of sadness and saying, “Well, Heather, no. Life is a little harder than I thought back then.”

I can’t exactly pin-point my feeling about today. There is a little bit of joy, a little sadness, a little exhaustion (mostly thanks to B-my personal trainer-kicking my booty two days in a row), a full tummy of giant cupcakes from my boss, a bit hopeful for the future, a bit feisty and ready to take on the world while at the same time wanting to curl up with my baby boy, drink tea and stare out the window… needless to say, there are a lot of emotions happening right now.

The day was nice and enjoyable. I got an adorable owl mug from my co-workers, as well as a whole mess of cupcakes… which, by the way, if you go to Whole Foods, get a giant cupcake because they have a little extra surprise and were DELIGHTFUL. My parents had gotten me a 31 purse and… THIS lovely little item:


That’s right! I’m the proud Mama of a Cricut! I’m SO so so so excited and can’t wait to start using it! I’m feeling much like John C. Riley and Will Ferrell in “Stepbrothers” at this time: SO MANY ACTIVITIES! My parents made my little crafter heart burst. 🙂 Dad also treated us to BBQ ribs: noms!

Now that Friday is upon us, I’m feeling incredibly ready for life now. I’ve had nice chats with my co-workers and family about turning 25. And while it’s not a major milestone of a birthday (minus the fact that I get to rent a car now) it still tends to hit you that you are a quarter of a century and thus makes you reevaluate if you are accomplishing everything you want to and enjoying life to the fullest. Am I?

So far, yes. Yes I am.

I feel like after sharing with 15-year-old me the hardships of life I’ve come through so far, she’d be incredibly proud of who we are today. Because life rarely goes as planned, especially when you’re so naive of the workings of the world when the plans originate. But through it all, here I am. Still standing, doing so tall and proud. Because this life is crazy and hectic…

but it’s mine.



Happy Friday the 13th!

Ok. It is Friday the 13th. And for some reason, this has been labeled a “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.” Why, well that is a long post that I am not at a mind-set to discuss right now (mostly because I’m still working on my caffeine intake).

BUT, here is something good and happy about this day! FREE STARBUCKS DAY!


If you know me personally, you know I can not function (pretty much ever) without my daily intake of caffeinated crack. I’ve been switching back and forth between coffee and tea, but now, I have found a whole new monster to tackle: New Starbucks Refreshers.

Yeah. THESE.

Ok, so I was partially drawn in by the pink and green, after all those are my favorite colors. I’ve had both and I have to say I favor the Cool Lime over the Very Berry Hibiscus. Literally, I have had at least one a day since they came out…

And you thought I was joking.


Have a great weekend!






NOTE: I am not in any way affiliated or being paid by Starbucks, I am just a crack addict of theirs and like to bring joy to the masses.

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The “Broad Stripes and Bright Stars” shirt

Happy Independence Day to all in the US!

I pray it’s not terribly hot and we don’t get the same storms that have been moving through the DC area in the past few days. Friday we got a gnarly storm called a “Derecho” late Friday evening. I had never even heard of one before that and I like to think myself semi-weather-savvy. The power went out before the storm even hit and 100 mph winds ripped through the area, breaking large trees in half and even up-rooting them! The area was absolute chaos and some are still without power (projected to return on Thursday). That is just ridiculous. I’m glad that the power returned late Saturday: the heat is just outrageous and I worried about the poor kitties I’m watching this week!

I did go home to bask in the A/C and power for a little bit on Saturday post-apocolypse. To keep me occupied, I decided my nails needed a little up-keep… so I went with the pink ombre look. I did a top coat of matte nail polish (LOVE LOVE LOVE that stuff!). What do you think?!

Our office still did not have power Monday, thus I got to stay home and rest-up! I didn’t sleep much last night due to more storms (UGH!). Luckily they were all talk and no action, just some thunder and lightening!

But the time off (before vaca) has given me a chance to catch up on my crafting! Especially because the fourth is on it’s way tomorrow!

I decided to continue my patriotic crafting and make a t-shirt for Wednesday! Check it out!

I bought a plain cotton t-shirt from JoAnns (or Walmart, wherever!) and cut a scoop-neck in the top. I hate being choked by t-shirts and thought it was a lot more summery this way. From there, I put masking tape down and taped off a part for the stars of the flag. I cut out masking tape stars and used a star-punch for the smaller ones and stuck them at random on the shirt (we’re going for creative here, not complete accuracy). After making sure it was down, I squirted some puffy paint on a paint tray and using a sponge brush, dabbed the paint until it covered the taped in portion.

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Hello World! (For real)

Kisses!Well HELLO! Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

Ok, lets be honest, this is like my 2,482nd blog… I’m pretty positive I have an entire half of the internet now. But, irregardless of my current occupation of the world wide web, I felt the need to start a new one with a focus on my life now as a graduate, a working woman, and… yes… a crafter. (Cue cringing)

I cringe only because EVERYONE and their mothers uncles neighbors cats cousin has a craft blog. It’s like the New New York. You can’t go anywhere without seeing a craft blog and thanks to Pinterest, it has taken off like a bat out of hell.

But I’ve been talked into do one, not just about being crafty but about myself and my life as well. A few months ago I started a full-time position at my first “big girl” job. Like Donna Noble, I started out as a temp and have worked my way up to a full-time employee and with a shnazzy title. And while my job has consumed my life, I’ve still made time to stay crafty and social… at least I’ve tried. More recently, my crafty and career woman lifestyle have merged.

You have to share the wealth, ya know?

I have a fun project I want to share and will be doing it soon.