Holy crap, I just sewed a gown!

*knock, knock, knock* “Heather?”

Yes. I’m alive. Please know I haven’t forgotten about you little bloggy blog of mine! It has been quite some time and in between work-outs, trying to keep up with my shop, working and trying to keep my social life at least a little bit afloat, I’ve spent the remainder of my time asleep. And these hours are very few and far between. So weekends, the free moments I have, oh you better believe I am snug in my bed, blissfully napping.

Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten that days only have 24 hours in them and have had none left over to just sit. I miss sitting. And staring off into oblivion. And it’s my favorite time of year to do so… I need to find time to do that. Outside in a pair of jeans, a warm sweater, a hot cider and my thoughts. Doesn’t that sound glorious?

But I’m glad to get a chance and touch base with my blogging world. I feel like we need to sit down on a cafe terrace, sip lattes and talk about the weather, our families and Bethenny Frankle’s new talk show (God she’s hysterical, I adore her) and Tamra Judge’s wedding (GORGEOUS!).

In the meantime, let me share my biggest feat to date… or at least what feels like it to me.

I sewed a gown.

*pause for reaction*

Yes, I said gown. Remember last year’s Comic Con that I slacked and never put up pictures from like I promised? Yeah, so that happened again. But the shirt wasn’t enough this year, I had to kick it up a notch. So to Cosplay City we went. I did. I cosplayed. I wore a costume. And walked around downtown Baltimore. Like the ridiculously awesome fool I am. That happened. This is real life right here.

Join me on my sewing adventure.

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DIY Bow Pillow: The Sewing Edition

Remember once upon a time when we made those nifty little monogram pillows at Craft and Wine Night? Remember how incredibly lazy I was and how I didn’t want to sew it so I just used “Heat and Bond”?

And then when I made the chalkboard sign out of the cookie sheet with the matching fabric? Well, to say I have a lot of that fabric and that I love it is an understatement… so I decided to make a matching throw pillow. I have decided to make at least two more, in similar fabric and colors for the apartment. I’ve been thinking a lot about future decorating schemes for my place, but I’m not a hodge podge kinda girl when it comes to the interior. Maybe when I was little and maybe a bit back in college (and at home, I have no choice because I just have TOO much stuff in two small bedrooms), but now, I like my stuff to match. Having a ton of this fabric is perfect for this. And I can’t wait to finally get my hands dusty with decorating!

The excitement I get over being domestic is probably really disgusting. The whole excitement over food shopping, decorating house, cooking dinners (except when laziness takes over)… how is it that I am a 24 year old mother with no children? Then again, I’m also an 80 year old woman stuck in a 24 year old body, but I digress.

Maybe it’s the fact that during my winter move, it will be mine. Something I’m taking care of on my own. My own place, with my own decorating scheme and my own pizzazz. With a pet in tow for my desire to nurture.

The epitome of me.

I can not wait!

But anyway, please see my additional pillow where I actually took the time to SEW it… as in with a SEWING MACHINE. I know, bonkers, right? I finally ended my lazy road of no-sew and unpacked my little sewing machine from storage.

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